La Gripa

Photo Credit: Cynthia Goldsmith

I don’t believe in flu shots. I’ve never had one and I don’t plan on getting one any time soon either. Specially since I just finished getting over it this weekend. My thing about the flu shot is that eventually the virus will mutate into an extremely viral form that can have the potential to kill anyone regardless of age or health status. Except last year I got the “Super Flu” and I was down for a month. I found this really cool interactive description of how a super flu is born and how we get it. Still, I prefer to get over it the old fashion way, building up my immune system and kicking it’s ass. This practice works for me because I only get sick once a year. My body takes about three days to get rid of la gripa and it happens in 4 stages:

1. Body/head aches, congested and generally feeling caca

2. The water works start and a handkerchief becomes my best friend

3. My throat feels as if I was the lead signer of a death metal band and every time I cough my body aches

4. I’m back to normal, but still expelling what’s left over  

For something as simple as gripa, my mom never really had any home remedies that I can think of, other than just drinking lemon tea with honey. Also vaporu always hit the spot and controlled the coughing so I can get some sleep. I do remember her wrapping a hot towel around my head once, but I can’t remember why. It’s funny because whenever I would miss school and the teacher needed a note from my mom, she always used the excuse, “Estimado maestro/a por favor excusa El Random Hero por faltar la escuela. Tenia la gripa. Gracias.” 95 percent of the time that was a lie. I didn’t have gripa. I was just didn’t want to go to school that day and stayed home. And that was in elementary school mind you. I never once missed school because I was legitimately sick. That being said I had a test this morning. Trying to study after work and sick isn’t the best of ideas. Despite not getting as much studying in as I would have liked to, I did good. Now I just have to worry about my math test tomorrow. tired+sick=I hate math.  

5 thoughts on “La Gripa

  1. guacho!

    I hate being sick.

    Caldo de pollo with lots of lemon and jalape~os, usually fixes me up.

    One time I was so sick they took me to the doctor, they just said go buy penecilin. We first went across the street to Jim’s hamburger stand, I hadn’t been able to keep anything down for three days, that burger saved my life in my opinion. It was the Jim’s on Olympic near the East LA community hospital.

    good luck on the math, I hate it too, but we do need it.

  2. Ha good post and that picture of the virus is scary lol…
    ahhh the home remedies so many they do
    my dad mixes a shot of tequila, lemon and salt down it real quick, it seemed to work with a sore throat and lets you sleep nice too lol.
    Yup the Vaporu all up in the nose and chest too funny!
    hope you get 100% better guey

  3. For a sore throat my mom insists I gargle with hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water. Blech!
    When I was a kid, my great grandmother used to make me a lemongrass tea with sugarcane when I was sick. I still dream of that tea…She also used borage (borraja) and rue (ruda).

  4. LOL at BusTard!!!

    a gross but effective remedy:

    chop a tablespoon of fresh garlic, pour a lil olive oil on it, and down it with a big glass of water and maybe tequila. That will kill any virus.

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