Rollin’ on dubs

I was waiting for the bus today after work listening to music thinking of how bad I hate my job sometimes. As per usual I was craving some sort of treat for a hard days work and from the corner of my eye what do I see ? A paletero walking up behind me ringing his magical bells like a pied piper. I quickly grab my board and catch up to him. Making my way to him I noticed the killer dubs on his carrito. I grab myself an ice cream sandwich and I compliment the vendor on his tricked out ride. I ask if I could take a picture of his carrito and he agrees. Seeing the huge smile on his after I asked, I knew this was a man who took pride not only in his carrito, but in his job too. I took a bite of my sandwich and wished him the best. Ring, Ring, Ring is all I heard as he continued on his way selling paletas and ice cream in one pimped out carrito. 

That sandwich hit the spot. 

6 thoughts on “Rollin’ on dubs

  1. What, no fuzzy dice? But seriously while on the subject of paleteros, doesn’t it seem that paletas were invented in Michoacan??? Look at the names of the paleterias, including this carrito. Delicias de Michoacan, La Flor de Michoacan, La Michoacana, etc… Are michoacanos obsessed with paletas?

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