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I’d been to this eatery maybe a year or so ago, when it was simply called La Tia and they were trying to specialize in tamales (no doubt to compete with the Eastside institution next door known as Tamales Liliana) but the food was just okay and it seemed like they were still getting things in order. About a month ago a friend told me that they now carried “all kinds of moles” and that it was under new ownership. Could it really be the same place? Only one way to find out!

I’m glad we decided to go back, because this place left a stunningly good impression after just this first return visit. The picture above is of their Desayuno de la Casa, which is fried eggs over fried tortilla strips, which must be their version of Huevos Rancheros, a plate I’ve been known to favor. But they douse it with the slightly sweet house mole and a green tomatillo sauce, and as many already know, mole works well for breakfast. Plus they throw in a quesadilla de maiz made with tortillas hechas a mano, an unexpected put perfect accompaniment to a breakfast meal. I should mention this plate was only $6, that ought to make you sit up. My non-professional assessment is that it was pretty fucking delicious, I briefly considered licking the plate but I controlled myself since I was amongst the mannered public. Damn them.

My companion had the oddly named “Indios al Balcon” which are basically the nopales con huevos. Notice again the side of quesadilla, what a great idea. This plate also got a thumbs up. Out of the pic, a basket of warm handmade tortillas.

Agua de pepino (cucumber) is an often overlooked agua but it’s one of the most refreshing ones you’d be lucky to find. El Huarachito usually has a great version of it, but the folks here at La Tia upped the ante by combining it with melon (which I assume is honeydew) for an amazingly perfect beverage.

We also ordered the guacamole as an appetizer which was overpriced at $6 and came after we got our main plates. And it needed salt, which is easy enough to fix. Once we were on the road we realized that we were accidentally overcharged about $3 for our meal, it happens. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you check this place out, they certainly care about the food they serve.

Moles La Tia 323.263.7842
4619 E. Cesar Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90022

PS. Here’s a pic of their mole list, sorry if it’s hard to decipher. You can have the moles over baby cows, Bambi, or Patos, that’s kinda unique but I still say boo, hiss to all that, let the animalitos go!

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  1. Chingado !!!! I visited them like three weeks ago to write up a post, but it seems you beat me to it. That’s what i get for lagging it, but good review none the less. When I went I tried the horchata with pumpkin seeds in it, fresh agua de papaya and it was delish. My veggie friend had a salad de nopales with grilled queso de panela, green peppers and onions mixed into it. My other friend had the same huevos rancheros you had and I had mole poblano. I had a foodgasm when I took my first bite of that sweet, sweet chocolaty mole. It reminded me of my mom’s mole poblano and that’s saying a lot. Considering their prices, they need to serve more food. I also had some flan, which was from the “El Gallo Cafe”. Turns out that tias mole is part of the “Gallo” stores near by. I second Chavos recommendation in checking it out. If you do go, be sure to invite me. I’m going to be eating there frequently since the place is close to ELAC.

  2. Yeah- It’s been one of my faves for some time. I was there last week for a family supper and it was great as usual. I get the green pipian mole over chicken or the huge flautas with guacamole. They even have a Tampiquena sampler platter with bistec like the ones they used to serve at Las Carnitas on Olympic back in the day. The tortillas a mano make every meal special & The all drinks are fabulous. The atmosphere is family/working class but the staff always treats you like you’re a first class big shot. It’s a tough choice sometimes between here and Tamales Liliana a block away.
    Yeah-I hate giving food reviews, but since maldito Chavo keeps spilling the slow simmered beans, I may as well add the cilantro.

  3. Do you all know if they have the Pipian but the red one?
    I like the green but not as much as the red Pipian. I only had it homemade either made by mom or my Tia I have never tired it from a restaurant
    When I went to Cicacalco Zac the inditos that live in that town are known to make the best red Pipian ever I can vouch on that!

  4. Thanks Chavo! What a beautiful and ancient dish is Mole, can be traced back to the new world chocolate using pre-Columbian indigenous peoples of Mexico like the Aztecs of Tenochitlan. I understand that back then the Chocolate based Mole’s were only eaten by the people of royal standing, how lucky we are that now everybody can enjoy the multi varities and recipes for Mole.
    I understand that in the Mexican state of Oaxaca there is a different kind of Mole for every day of the year,(I’ve eaten about a dozen varietys in Oaxaca and all were delcicious).
    My favorite Mole is the kind served by the generations of women in my family, that included chicken or turkey and sesame seeds, Mole Poblano, excellent!
    I have eaten great tasting Mole all over LA, we here are very fortunate indeed.
    But as someone who is a Mole fanatic and has enjoyed this ancient dish in many places, I would have to say that the best by far, Mole I’ve ever eaten was curiously enough, served at the Zihuatenejo Airport about 15 years ago,served in a paper dish with plastic fork and spoon and cost me probably 25 pesos.
    It was so good I almost cancelled my flight back to LA

  5. I agree that this place is tasty! I love mole, especially Oaxacan style. When i went we asked for a mole sampler platter and they presented us with about 12 moles! They were delicious! I had the shrimp slathered with coffee mole..yum. I plan on returning. Prices weren’t too bad either!

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  7. I don’t normally leave replies but… you all were too funny. As I read further I got a strong craving for… you guess it MOLE. I thought Puebla was known for their mole. Anyways great reviews. There should be a mole lover club. Trying different spots where they serve mole. Bye 🙂

  8. okay how are the prices, because i looked at the menu and they were expensive like 12 to 15 bucks wtf? did they go higher after the place got reviewed a bunch. I seen like 10 other reviews on google,,dam chavo fools be jocking lol…that sucks if it is that expensive for mole….

  9. Their mole dishes are very pricey and can’t say anything about them but their breakfast menu is off the hook. I’ve only eaten their $6 chorizo and eggs breakfast that comes with arroz, frijoles and damn good handmade tortillas. It’s deliciously filling. And their cafe de olla – amazing!

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