Speaking of Latinos on film, Check out these stills of the versatile BENICIO DEL TORO as CHÉ GUEVARA

(I also can’t wait to see Del Toro as the Wolf Man! Great make-up by the late Rick Baker!) Coming soon to a theater near you…..

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19 thoughts on “CHE!

  1. I just got back from Cuba a month ago and I’m just a little Che’d out. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but he’s EVERYWHERE there, like the Virgen is here—ay! I haven’t gone to Transylvania yet, so I don’t feel that way about Wolf Man Benicio—yet.

  2. Watch as the political failure and embarrassment that is Che Guevara gets re-marketed to another generation of naive pseudo-Marxists!

  3. I think Benicio del Toro is a really good actor. But, in my opinion, the other del Toro, the Mexican-born filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is way cooler. His Pan’s labyrinth was great. Even the website for the movie is awesome. I haven’t seen Hell Boy II (or whatever it’s called), but hope to soon. Del Toro now lives mostly in Spain. I can’t remember where he’s from in Mexico, but he left after his dad was the victim of a secuestro. I heard an interview with him once. Super smart, cool guy, it seemed.

  4. Marshall,

    please tell me more. ive never understood the fan base che has around the world.

    I just read that the colombian military in order to rescue betancourt and others from the jungle, wore che t-shirts to blend in as terrorists…eww! wearing a che tshirt is terrorist friendly…yuck!

  5. Che left Cuba to fight in revolutionary wars in Africa and Boliva, was captured by the CIA, and killed. He probably wouldn’t be so popular if he’d stayed in Cuba to run their bank, and grown old.

  6. Rosie – Che was an idiot. The short, short version of his revolutionary theory was:

    1) go to a foreign country with a small core of paramilitaries

    2) start fighting in agricultural regions

    3) inspire “the people” to join his group, creating a popular uprising

    4) eventually take control of the centers of government

    He really believed that the Cuban revolution was a model for successful revolution that could be applied anywhere, and not the staggering fluke that it was. This “FOCO” model, presumes that one can force revolution on a country where the precursor elements of revolution aren’t actually present (and they certainly were in Cuba).

    He went around trying to push that model where it wasn’t applicable or welcome and became the world’s most famous military and political failure. In contemporary literature on guerrilla warfare, revolution and insurgency/counterinsurgency warfare, Che’s “FOCO” method is often used as a model to demonstrate a variety of basic errors in judgment.

  7. “He went around trying to push that model where it wasn’t applicable and became the world’s most famous military and political failure.”

    Sounds like Bush the Younger to me.

    I guess our ruling neocon cabal should have read more of that literature on guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency.

    The parallels between George Bush II and “Che” Guevara are just staggering to behold.

  8. marshal,
    do you have your own site? it seems to me like you’re very knowledgeable…just curious.

    che is not popular with anybody in my family, except of course my cousins who’ve have been at the univesity waaaaay too long…

  9. I guess then that the U.S. Gov & the CIA were bigger idiots for going to so much trouble to kill a failure & an “idiot” like Che, right?

  10. “che is not popular with anybody in my family, except of course my cousins who’ve have been at the univesity waaaaay too long…”

    Yes, that’s right. The dumber you are, the more you’ll dislike Che.

  11. Rosie – I have my own site, but I generally don’t do any writing about politics or military theory there. I mainly write about food and art. Just click on my name.

    George – No, Che was a bigger idiot. Not that there’s much of anything the CIA was doing in the 60’s and 70’s that wasn’t moronic, either. Frankly, Che would have gotten himself killed before long. Modern myths about Che’s historical role and importance owe greatly to his mysterious, CIA arranged death, though.

  12. spookie,

    cute comment, but really, what is there to like about che? what is his legacy? im being sincere in asking.

  13. In looking at the first werewolf photo, are those fillings in his molars I spy? I suppose even a lycanthrope gets a toothache bad enough to require dentistry now and again. But it kind of takes away from the monster mystique and certainly the “move magic” to see dental amalgams in such a ferocious beast: “RRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Oh wait, give me a moment here…. oh for Pete’s sake, a crown has come loose! Dammit to hell, of all the times for this to occur, why does this always happen to me? This is so embarrassing. Look, can we reschedule a time for me to finish crushing your bones in my powerful jaws? Next Wednesday would be good for me. Hello…. hello?”

  14. Those are cavity dark spots on the molars. The entire canine-look mouth appliance
    was constructed by the Wolf Man make-up team to look like a nasty old Wolf’s mouth. It’s unlikely that they would have purposefully built fillings into the teeth, and especially not “Silver” fillings!

  15. I remain perplexed by the desire of any culture desiring a master, especially when all the crap rhetoric of “equality” (which to me is naught but a guise for the desire of wearing the jackboot) is tossed round by those who are not the controlling power. People are people, and the vast majority are seeking to make others succumb for the sake of doing the shitwork.

    Lemme tell ya about the rise of Che shirts, which is traced back to Tom Morello (who saw his band, Rage Against The machine, when they usta play at Spanky’s in Riverside, a club notoriously lorded over by Ezat?) and a major label coup?

    On 14th Street, at E. 2nd above where I usta live in LES, there is a shoppe that brazenly sells russian ephemera—most of which displays the hammer and sickle. Stalin killed more jews than Hitler, yet this boutique thrives. It is an example of the idiocy of people.
    I feel I should state that the editor of one of the newspapers was in Cuba in 1960, when he was 17 years of age. He went on to work for five presidents and he did a whole lotta other shit that proved his mercenary demeanour. And he knows this place well; he was a student of southern California (he even went to college with Tony V, the present mayor of Los Angeles).

    But one thing he always was, was loyal to the movement that paid him. The only difference between him and most folk on this planet is that, he would not bullshit you. His views remain despicable, but they were never questionable.

    Politicians of any stripe are scum. And anarchism, even the type posited by Bakunin (another privileged brat, but one with the best well-known ideas about anarchism) and the (sadly unknown) Fred Woodworth (publisher of the fantastic rag, The Match!, which has been published nearly non-stop for more than 30 years), will never be appreciated because it is too human to wear a wolf’s clothing while acting sheepishly.

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