Walking down Cesar Chavez yesterday to go see my friend at work I was thinking, “Man I could sure go for a churro right about now. That sweet,greasy stick always hits the spot anytime, anywhere.” Just as I think my hunger for churros will go unfulfilled, I see a man and his cart standing in front of the Big Buy full of churros. Four for a dollar he yelled and like Batman to the bat-signal, I grab a dollar from my pocket and with a smile on my face I asked him to help me fulfill my sugary craving. The vendor was an older looking man, late ’40s early ’50s, he had a light beer smell to him, possibly budweiser and looked as if he just crawled from under a pickup truck. Despite his rugged appearance I didn’t hesitate as I took a bite of my churro, still warm and soft as it was recently made. The man told me that his suegra had rushed him out the door to go and sell after she finished making them. He asked her if he could have one more beer before he left the house, but no dice. Across the street from him other people were selling other various foods and random items. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday it gets packed on that side walk with people buying food and just enjoying themselves. However I digress from my point, which is that no matter what your craving there will be someone in a cart or stand selling what ever your craving for a reasonable price and extremely delicious. I <3 Boyle Heights.  

10 thoughts on “Churros

  1. “That sweet,greasy stick always hits the spot anytime, anywhere.”

    That’s what she said! o-jojojojo… I’ll keep my bawdy humor to myself from now on.

    Seriously, I like all the small pedestrian-oriented street vendors. They may crowd the sidewalk a bit, but they’re an honest to goodness godsend.

  2. hahahahah I’m right there with ya. In fact I have offended other’s at school because they don’t that kind of humor. I tell them it’s not fault you don’t have a sense of humor. They reply that they do. I tell them is that with or without the stick up their butts ?

  3. That stall in El Mercadito always has some fresh churros cooking, it’s a good place to go if the ambulantes aren’t around.

  4. I love the “filled” churros like the ones they sell at La Placita Olvera.
    When I was in Spain I saw numerous Churros y Chocolate vendors
    on the streets, they must have brought this tasty treat to the Americas during the colonization days. People like to get their late night Churros on alla en Espana!
    Ostia! Echamos un Polvo? Vale! (that’s what I learned over there)

  5. Spanish churros ain’t got nothing on these “sweet, greasy sticks” we in the Americas have grown up on. In Spain you have to dip them in thick hot chocolate that most foreigners think is the sort of hot chocolate you drink. Wrong!! This chocolate is strictly for dipping. The cinnamon & sugar that our churros get coated in makes all the difference. 5 months of Spanish churros and I all I could think was, damn, I just want to get home and find the lady that sells churros outside of church on Sundays! There’s nothing like treating yourself to some churros after being cleansed of your sins.

  6. Every time I pass by the sidewalk vendors selling fruta on the corner, I want to buy one of those giant bags of cherries. I always have to refrain though–I just can’t eat that many before they go bad! But they look so tasty!

  7. I am always on the lookout for street food in LA hoping to find something in addition to the tamal or elote both of which are tasty unless the cook is not so good. Occassionally, I am able to enjoy a fresh homemade donut from a cart but I have to say Thailand kicks Los Angeles’ ass when it comes to street food vending. They are way more portable and diverse when it comes to street food. Most of the vendors have cooking appartus, storage and display attached to a scooter which they can drive to where the people are. Here’s a partial list of what I can remember: squid, horseshoe crab, tanks with live shrimp, various sausage, numerous sweets, noodles, chicken, cuttlefish, bbq chicken, meats on sticks, whole fish, fried quail eggs, corn, fruit carts just like in LA, drinks simliar to liquados, grilled shrimp, octopus, frogs, grasshoppers, meal worms, grubs, a portable bar in a 1960″s VW bus, soup, rice stick,…

  8. Ah, but did Thailand have vegan soy tacos and vegan cupcakes? Score one for Los Angeles street food! 😉
    The food in Thailand sounds amazing! If only we could have portable bars in VW Buses, stupid rules.

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