ELA DJ Panel #2 Wed. 7/16 @ 6:30 pm

(Everybody knows a DJ. Everyone has danced to a DJ at some time. This is part of our culture. Come and participate in this.

ELA DJ PM panels #2

Part of the “Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of…” Exhibition @ g727

These discussions revolve around the concept of exploring and archiving DJ culture from ELA. The panels are designed to capture testimonies from leaders of the DJ movement from the present, past and future so their history can be included in future discussions of the west coast and global dance scene and Chicano cultural production.

(pics and audio of the first panel http://sicklyseason.com/dialogo/g727/g727dj.htm)

Here are the details.

Panel 2 Wednesday, July 16

Innovators of Style and Programming
An intimate conversation with Frank Del Rio, Richard Vission and other DJs TBC who helped shape the art of mixing and programming. Via their DJ booths, radio shows and productions these DJs refined the art of DJing.
Hosted by Gerard Meraz

Wednesday, July 16th Doors open at 6:30pm
Panel starts 7pm sharp

@ g727
727 South Spring Street
LA, CA 90014
213 627 9563


4 thoughts on “ELA DJ Panel #2 Wed. 7/16 @ 6:30 pm

  1. Will James Rojas be dancing with glow sticks?

    When RAW gonna talk about that time I knocked someone out in front of his tables? That was a harsh trip

  2. What ever happened to the Boyz from Brazil? Weren’t they like the premiere party crew? Does anyone have videos of the dance offs? Sorry for all the questions, I should wait and just ask in person tomorrow. 🙂

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