When the Migra comes…

Random Hero uploaded some images on his blog of a useful guide to help protect those that might be facing some of the Immigrant roundups that have been happening across the nation. It’s a pamphlet with some basic pointers to remember, info worth reading over to share with friends or family that might need some guidance, in case that day comes. Here’s a link to the Spanish version.

How pathetic is that? At a time of increased unemployment, housing foreclosures, and a meteoric rise in gas and food prices, the miserable little bastards in power think it makes sense to start busting up homes and workplaces, just to appease some other miserable little bastards. What a waste of resources. It’s sad that there is a need for pamphlets like these but I’m glad to see some seeds of resistance being planted; I don’t think the xenophobes are going to have it as easy as they imagine. If you listen to Spanish language radio you’ll know that people are always calling in to share reports of traffic stops, giving the intersections of major police activity, thus helping others from running into a legal trap. You gotta love mutual aid!

One thought on “When the Migra comes…

  1. Hey, when things are tough, it’s tradition to invent enemies of the state to blame for it’s own failures to organize. Gotta have a scapegoat!

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