Más Éxitos @ The Verdugo Bar

Being that there’s been so much drama-for-your-mama on this blog lately I thought I would post something that might cheer some of us up. A friend of mine, with a few friends of his own, has just started this event at the Verdugo bar with music, as he puts it, “belongs in the neighborhood.” The Verdugo bar is in Glassell park. I’ll be there. Enjoy.


Also, the Verdugo bar has an amazing beer selection on tap.

3 thoughts on “Más Éxitos @ The Verdugo Bar

  1. Damn this does seem really cool. I was just hanging out with my brother he was listening to a mix tape from his older brother (both are brothers from an another mother)…and it was all this old fuzzy rock from down south…to bad I work nights.

  2. The Militant may or may not have been to Verdugo Bar in the past few months. If he did, then it’s quite an unexpected gem in the neighborhood; blink and you’ll miss it, but it’s quite classy inside.

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