Warning! Warning!…

...This is a Special Bulletin of The Emergency Brown-casting System,…. This is a Warning…………

….There are reported sightings of the dreaded “CHUPPIECABRAS!” in a Barrio near you!……

…This creature is known to SUCK any last drops of NATIVE CULTURAL IDENTITY from it’s Pobré Cabrón Victims!….Be on the Lookout……The Chuppiecabras is Brown in color but blends well with Whites!……Stay Tuned to this Channel………

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About AlDesmadre

Al Guerrero, Artist/Humorist. Los Angeles, CA. Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles from the age of two, Al Guerrero grew up just steps from the famous Chicano strip, Whittier Boulevard. His youth experiences include witnessing and participating in the 1970 Chicano Power demonstrations, cruising cars on Whittier Boulevard, and graduating from Garfield High School. After dropping out of UCLA (with honors), he drew upon his lifelong passion for art and cartooning and pursued a career in graphic arts. During this period, he traveled overseas and found artistic inspiration from the masterworks he discovered within the European Art Museums. His career blossomed when he was eventually hired by the Walt Disney Company in 1995, where he worked as a creative artist for a number of years. Although the artistic work was rewarding, he eventually grew weary & disillusioned with the bureaucracy of the entertainment business, and left to work briefly in the educational field. His credits include producing a feature film with actor, Conrad Brooks of Ed Wood fame, founding and performing with the Punk Rock group “The Psychocats” at numerous L.A. & Hollywood venues during the 1990’s, and in 1999 he founded and created a hell-bent puppet cabaret show aptly named: “The Puppets from Hell”. As a long time active member of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, Al “Quaeda”, as he was known, was involved in countless Cacophony Society pranks and events throughout the city. He also produced the “Incredibly Strange Cinema” cult film series as well as themed events such as the now infamous “Pornothon Movie Nights” and the satirical “Mexican Night: Noche De Tequila & Putas” shows at local nightclub venues. Throughout his art career, he has exhibited his canvas paintings at various local galleries, and has also written & illustrated numerous comic strips and Graphic Novel stories. Today, he lives in Silver Lake, California and works as a freelance artist and writer with numerous multi-media projects under his belt and in the works. His personal hobbies include collecting vintage toys and comic books, cinema history and Los Angeles City history. Contact: alguerrero@earthlink.net Al Guerrero P.O. Box 29697 Los Angeles, CA 90029-0697 www.alguerrero.com Myspace.com/thepuppetsfromhell

37 thoughts on “Warning! Warning!…

  1. i thought this site was interesting at first. it represented the neighborhoods i grew up in. i could physically direct someone to every spot those pictures on the la eastside flicker account were taken.but now reading the last few topics it just reads like reverse racism. you should emphasize what makes our communities good, not take a knock at others you think fail at representing their “native cultural identity” this blog is just like those guys you hate so much hanging out at some “chain” sports bar acting like tough loosers because they think its cool. it’s exactly like that in digital form.

  2. Um that shot was at me Dianne, but I was actually speaking in defense of chuppies comments (actually in defense of both sides).

    Im sorry, I have no prob with brown folks moving on up, heck i live in Alhambra for a reason (my kids). But I have no gosh darn love for low self esteem fools wasting their money on rims and energy on being assholes to their fellow brethren because they didnt get enough attention or love as a kid. Like I said, I wear nice clothes and go to pasadena bars myself, the culture of self degredation is what annoys me. I guess these comments have hit a nerve with you folks, but look at it this way: if you are not the embodiment of what the folks here are clowning than why get hurt about it?

    I personally get as annoyed with kitschy “hey look at me Im authentic” hipster Latinos as much as the most brown hating “chuppie”, taking everything personal gets you nowhere. BTW, I never mantioned anything about native identity, i mentioned being an asshole to your fellow raza and devoting your life to overcompensatory dickheadery. The latter has nothing to do with dressing nice or going to sports bars, it just happens that a lot fo those fools congregate at those places. I’d bet the folks down at eastside love or wherever would annoy me just as much as BJs, you are reading into judgementalness that is not there.

  3. Hey Diane, I appreciate your comments here and hope you stick around. The postings on this site come from a number of contributors and therefore, there will be diversity of ideas, opinions and perspectives.
    Also, for the record, not everyone who posts here is Latino and it’s not like this site aims to be a careful, anthropological representation of Chicanos on the Eastside. Rather, it’s a collection of voices from folks who have otherwise been relegated to the comments sections on other blogs. 🙂
    I noticed you made a topic suggestion on another thread. We are totally open to having guest contributors, so if there’s something you’re interested in covering, get in touch. You too, Salty. There’s a contact form link on the sidebar.
    P.S. I thought the cartoon was funny. I would argue though, chuppies don’t always “blend in” very well. 🙂

  4. This is a pretty bigoted attempt at sarcasm. Who’s to say that “cultural native identity” is one an the same to all? No one, it’s pretty subjective. Hating on someone based on THEIR OWN low self esteem issues, or perceived low self esteem, is a pretty weak justification. To each his own.

  5. It’s just a friggin’ cartoon for God’s sakes!
    It’s meant to get your goats (suckers)….
    It’s intended to represents one satirical point of view in a comical
    sen….aw forget it…..

  6. I have to echo Chimatli’s sentiment, this site is for a variety of voices, some of which you will like some which you may not. I like positive coverage of our communities but I don’t want this site to just be an equivalent of Vista LA where it always seems like “good news”. There are some authors here that come from a more professional bent, and some that come from the school of class-clownism (that would include me!) but we all just write about what we want. And yes, we are looking for more regular contributors or an occassional guest post, just hit us up at the contact us link to the right. http://laeastside.com/contact-us/

  7. Cartoons, jokes, satire, are not immune to bigotry and stupidity.no worries.

  8. Apparently readers like humm are not immune to bigotry and stupidity either.
    I’d worry.

  9. Hey Al Desmadre, despite those handful of thin-skinned whining Sentidos out there, there are those of us chuppies out here who can laugh at ourselves and
    who get the joke. I am so secure in my chuppie lifestyle that
    I’m not threatened by your cartoon. I don’t need to be loved by everybody
    as long as I’m happy with my chosen lifestyle. And, I don’t need to be stroked or
    accepted or loved by everyone either, and I’m cool with that. I respect the rights
    of others to have opposing views & opinions to mine as I respect theirs, and I go on with my life.
    I love that you guys are not out trying to make everyone “feel good”, but instead
    put out bold, diverse posts to inspire debate and creative dialogue on this forum.
    That works for people like me, because it tends to “expose” the raw sentiments of
    many of your readers, people like diane-salty & humm “who all doth protest to much”, and come off as over defensive, over- critical & uptight and don’t represent
    a broad opinion so f-em & forget them. I’m sure that if you had drawn a cartoon of a non-chuppie clinging to his sarape, they would not be so offended. Al, I see you in a kind of a “Howard Stern” syndrome where you’re having fun occasionally getting people’s calzones in a bunch, and the critics keep on listening anyway, never getting the joke, while you get the last laugh.
    Keep it up and thanks to EL CHAVO and the rest of LAEastside for thinking outside of the “Brown Box”. Keep up the good work!

  10. PCY, you’re not offended? Great! That doesn’t make it not offensive. All it takes is one person. And if you “respect the rights and opposing views of others”, by default you respect mine, so their is no need to “f’em”. I missed the post asking for censorship or that it be taken down, heaven forbid someone not agree with a post on here.

  11. Eric; “All it takes is one person.”
    Bullshit! you are no almighty judge of what’s offensive or what’s not. No single person is. You’re opinion is important and valid to you and you alone. You are only one person! one person no one may give a shit about, and your entitled to your ONE opinion. Don’t try to speak for anyone else! Face the reality that your little opinion is meaningful mostly to you. If the world hinged on the opinion of “one person” all the time we’d be so screwed. Thank God for Democracy & Free Speech in this country where there’s at least hope that a sensible majority will judge things, not single kook like you.

    quote:And if you “respect the rights and opposing views of others”, by default you respect mine, so their is no need to “f’em”.

    read my comments carefully jackass, before you selectively and deliberately misquote me and show your stupidity. I said “I respect the rights of others to have opposing views & opinions to mine as I respect theirs” (it’s up there for you to reread) Even though I don’t agree with anything you say, yes-I respect your right to be that stupid.
    Hey, if you’re that offended, you’re always free to stay off this site anytime, you know. You don’t see me going on the erictheyuppiejerk.com site and writing bitchy comments to you now, do you?
    Here’s a solution, for those offended by things on this site and who don’t get it, There’s lots of other sites out there……….

  12. this site just has seemed very negative to me lately. bashing on anyone is tiring after a while. aren’t there any more ideas out there to talk about, productive ideas rather than rehashing the same old hate for a certain portion of the population.

    PCY, “f-em and forget them?” that’s exatcly what perpetrates the kind of self isolating culture that makes people ignorant of other’s ideas. your assumption at what i would be okay with is rather annoying. everything should be looked at with a critical eye otherwise you’ll just eat up whatever is shoved in your face. i can not stand the transformers movies because of the blatantly racist and stereotypical way they portrayed all the minorities. your description of satly,hummm and i being okay with a guy wrapped in a sarape is ridiculous. that is just as offensive as this cartoon. creating any new stereotype is offensive and should be done away with completely.

  13. There are a lot of ideas floating around this part of town, but none of them drive traffic and commenters to a web-site like a funny ass cartoon of a maligned demographic.

  14. Before I get dragged much further into this, let it be known I’m not offended by the above cartoon, I just thought it was juvenile, crude and base. Something for kids, y’know? I figured this blog deserved something better than a ham-handed approach to social commentary, forgive me if I’m wrong.

    At any rate, I’d be happy to accept the invitation to post something so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

    Let’s keep in mind that just because someone has an opinion, regardless of how they demonstrate it, that everyone has the right to comment to it, regardless of whether they agree. And everyone has the right to tell them they are wrong. ‘Nuff said.

  15. Hey, I’ll agree to all that, (no one is arguing those points). As long as no one EVER implies there should be any kind of censorship of these posts whatsoever. If you don’t like something, fine. Say “I’m offended”, don’t say “it’s offensive”, or say: “I interpret this post as negative and hateful”, don’t say that it is, have respect for the possibility that others who don’t agree with your views are as valid and have as much right as yourself. If you make it clear that you speak for yourself when you say something is below-standard then there is no reason you should not be 100% respected for exercising your right to comment.

  16. chín, do chuppies have more post Four-Year Degrees? Or do all latinos with college degrees essentially are basic level chuppies, etc, then you got the Gold/Silver/etc? Is this a 2nd 3rd generation latinos/chicanos..? can i rock some $1,000 dollar exotic Lucchese boots, drive a gas-guzzling “Navi” Getyor con Placas de Zacatecas…own some horses in Pico Rivera, only want the “lo que mas rifa” and evade the chuppie label? Can immigrants be chuppies, cuz them alligator shoes that cartoon is wearing is more narco-chic “Vendo Casas/Mortagage” than anything.

  17. Just for clarification, which part of the “native culture identity” is being sucked? Is it that indigenous natives that lived in the new world? Is it the more euro-centric spanish culture that was imported to said new world? Is it the “Mexican” amalgamation that is the blend of both the new and the old world? Or is it the Chicano identity that is unique to L.A. that is a combination of the Mexican “mix” of old and new world, Americanism, and the unique experience that is the L.A. Chicano.

    Thanks for the clarification. =D

  18. Chuppie, Why don’t YOU think about the answers to your questions since you seem to be more obsessed with this whole thing even more than the author actually was. There will never be right answers that satisfy you and you’ll just keep on chingando. Most of us are moving on to other topics. You and a couple of others here can continue chasing the shadows that you assume are out to get you. Don’t worry, to persecute you means someone would have to actually care about you.

  19. Quote: “PCY, “f-em and forget them?” that’s exatcly what perpetrates the kind of self isolating culture that makes people ignorant of other’s ideas.”
    Diane- Is the following one of those wonderful ideas that I should not isolate myself from or be ignorant of? (I quote you again): “…just as offensive as this cartoon. creating any new stereotype is offensive and should be done away with completely.”
    First of all, the author didn’t create that stereotype, it’s been around a long time, or haven’t you noticed? Second, you seem to want to condemn and censor things you deem offensive. How wrong & f’d-up is that? Listen to yourself sometime. Burn any witches lately? Why don’t you and the other chillones make a bonfire and burn your hard drives in protest. If this had been the LA Times you would be threatening to cancel your subscription, right? This whole chuppie cartoon joke would have been chuckled at and scrolled away long ago if not for the likes of you and a couple of your uptight chuppaisanos having a cow. We get it. You’re offended. Fine. Should the world stop & address your pain?.
    Don’t worry what people think of chuppies. We don’t know you- so don’t take it personally, chingao! .. And take your Prozac!

  20. Satan:

    Obsessed? So, if I post in response to something (btw, my one and only post on this particlar blog entry prior to this rebuttal), I’m obsessed?

    My questions were commentary on his commentary. Why is what’s good for the goose, not good for the gander?

    Contrary to your belief and assertion, I’m not chasing shadows. Nor am I assuming anyone is out to get me. I’m merely addressing some of the opinions that have been expressed head on.

    Since you seemed to miss the point of my questions, I’ll spell it out for you:

    If there isn’t any uniform or single “native cultural identity”, how can one more form of “cultural identity”, i.e. the “chuppie” suck it out? Wouldn’t the native indigenous people of this land accuse the Mestizos that took over Mexico after the Spanish of removing their cultural identity (or at the very least bastardizing it)? And in turn, wouldn’t said Mestizos accuse the Chicano of the same thing? In other words, isn’t the “chuppie” just another form of cultural bastardization and change? Not saying one is better than the other, just that it has its roots in one or more other cultural norms, and has blended it together to form a different, albeit watered, down cultural norm.

    and if you want to go WAY back on the same anthropological phenomenon, did not the Aztecs do the same thing with many of the surrounding indigenous tribes?

    Hopefully you can grasp the larger social comment I was making. But, thanks for telling me that no one cares about me. I’m going to go cry in my bowl of designer menudo. 😉

  21. PCY,
    like i said all stereotypes are stupid and should stop being referred to. your assumptions are totally out there. i don’t know spanish so i’m not sure of what any of the spanish words you used mean. you seem to make a LOT of assumptions in your posts that have no merit. bringing historical persecutions into this is pretty weird. this has become ridiculously funny.

  22. I was just watching the 1966 film of Ray Bradbury’s novel, _Farenheit 451_. It is kind of dorky but there is some good stuff in it.

    anyway there was this one scene that I really liked, where the “fireman” who burns books for a living comes home and his suburban zombie wife, Linda, is on the couch watching their giant wall tv. she calls the characters on the tv her “family,” and she tells him, excitedly, that the “family” called her to tell her they have a part for her on that night’s tv program. so the program comes on, and the husband and wife get ready on the couch. on the show, these two guys on the tv are having a ridiculous conversation about really stupid things, something about a dinner party they’re planning, and they’re trying to figure out who to invite, and where to sit them. this is the whole substance of their conversation, nothing more than mundane, inane banter about a dinner party.

    then suddenly one of the guys on the screen says something like, “Maybe we should ask Linda where she thinks Agnes should sit,” or something like that, and then stares back out of the screen at the viewer. “Linda, do you think Agnes should sit next to Bob?” the guy says, and a little red light comes on next to the tv along with a buzzy chime to let her know she’s “on”. Linda says, “Absolutely,” the light turns off, and the guy says, “See, Linda agrees with me,” and Linda is all smiles for having participated in the discussion.

    Later, in bed, her husband loses his patience when she wonders if the show and the “family” might have a recurring role for her, and she asks him to agree with her that she could have been an actress. “An actress?” he says. “Oh Linda, they probably called 200,000 Lindas, every Linda in the country tonight, to be on that stupid show.” She gets mad and pouty that her little illusion of participation has been destroyed, and she says, “Well maybe that’s true, but you didn’t have to tell me.”

    bzzzzz– “What do YOU think, Linda?”

  23. What’s wrong with this ‘humorous’ cartoon?

    1. How highfalutin can heineken be these days, considering it runs almost as many TV ads as Budweiser?It’s light beer sales have been cutting into budweiser light beer sales. That market is not exactly upscale nor the BMW driving type.

    2. BMW? Jaguar or Mercedes is a lot more upscale. That ‘beaners in beamers’ joke was never really funny to begin with. Neither was Culture Clash for that matter, but that’s a story for another day.

    3. “Native Cultural Identity”? Half my neighborhood just got here. If ICE ever dropped by my street would become a ghost town. Not that I’d mind.

    4. Mexicans/Latinos come all different types of colors. Your comment about ‘brown blending in with whites’ is nonsense.

    You could do much better.

    p.s. If you’re taking on writers for the site you should really ask ‘chuppie’ to join. The place really could use some better writing and ideas. Some of us avoided Chicanos/Chicano Studies in college like the plague because their ‘ideas’ were as insightful as the ‘chuppiecabras’ cartoon. Ironically, it was their elitist attitude that was a big turn off.

  24. e.e,
    So something is not funny or good because YOU don’t like it?
    In that case, I think “Chuppie”‘s writing is incredibly boring & verbose
    and he seems to really like to hear himself talk (ie. write) so I’m
    not looking forward to any of his preachy posts. My entire office
    can’t stop laughing at how you “Chuppies” are all out of shape over nothing.
    Quit embarrassing yourselves any further, please!!! Shut up already!

  25. The only one who should be embarassed here is someone proud to be a ‘westwood grad’. Is that Westwood College or UCLA you’re refering to? It doesn’t really matter as both schools are a joke. (And if you went to UCLA you were probably one of those sorry EOP/AA types who didn’t have the grades to get in the usual way. Let me guess: You were Chicano Studies/Ethnic Studies double major as well? Well, that WAS the only way you’d be able to graduate.)

    It wasn’t funny. How hard is that to comprehend? It wasn’t offensive either. You must be a pendejo like Carlos Mencia, who actually thinks he’s funny and controversial. He neither. And neither was the ‘chuppiecabra’ comic.

    “In that case, I think “Chuppie”’s writing is incredibly boring & verbose…”

    ‘In that case, I think…?’ What kind of hackneyed grammar is that? So much for that vaunted Westwood education.

    Uh, Chuppie is free to give his take. You’re free to agree, disagree, or ignore it. Apparently that grand Westwood education failed to give you the cognitive capabilites to comprehend this.

    Get back to work in that telemarketing boiler room you call an office.


  26. Okay Chuppies, you’re successful in your high status careers, you drink better beer than Heineken, drive nicer cars than BMWs and have fancy educations…You should be happy you’re living the American dream! Why then so sensitive? Why does a cartoon and a writer like El Chavo (who is notorious for taking the piss out of EVERYONE) bug you so much? If you’re that successful, who cares?
    By the way, the above cartoon does look a lot like many “Hispanic Businessmen” types you see around town. Maybe the image hits too close to home.

  27. You forgot those squared glasses and spiked hair, as well as a textbook on how to use our community’s historical oppression as a way to get laid.

  28. There’s nothing wrong with a Chicano getting a good education. I went to a top 20 school, graduated, work in the arts industry. However, I still drive my old car and only occasionally buy myself nice things. I think there is a difference between being successful and just showing off. More times than not, these Chuppies (which I could be considered) live beyond their financial means in order to look cool. If they really are financially secure and can afford it, then good for them. It seems as though Chicanos are too critical to others who have a lot.

  29. “You forgot those squared glasses and spiked hair, as well as a textbook on how to use our community’s historical oppression as a way to get laid.”

    Callate Cabron! You’re gonna ruin my number one game after the beemer!

  30. Hey, check this article where Chimatli is quoted.

    “The challenge for the magazine was to strike a balance between two groups of Latinos, the politically conscious and the upwardly mobile. The former was more likely to be interested in Latino culture and the latter was more likely to afford what the advertisers were selling, the BMWs, Rolex watches and imported Grolsch beer.”

    You were right about the Beemers!

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