Pachucos Live!

Well, at least as advertising icons. A defining feature of Eastside neighborhoods are the painted signs, a simple source of joy for me but often the first item that gets the harsh beam of the Gentrifier Homogenization Attack Ray. I’ve written about these unique signs before, but it’s high time for an update. Soon, carnal, soon.

But back to the task at hand. This cartoon pachuco with the gimp foot comes courtesy of the folks at located in Lincoln Heights, as far as I can tell from their website. Since I already own a tuxedo (err, its printed on a t-shirt, but same difference) I doubt I’ll be needing their services any time soon, but you might find yourself in a chambelan pinch; thank me later.

Speaking of which, should someone send out a search party for LA’s own Banda Pachuco? I haven’t heard anything from them in awhile and their website is stuck at 2006. I hope the curtains haven’t dropped on one of the best bands around. CLICK HERE to check out their lively music!

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