A Taste of Poetry

Your neighbors say you lack taste; of palette, dress, musical interests, and even down to the trifling choices you make in daily life, they are relentlessly bland. And your girlfriend complains that your life has no poesia, no arte and all your Tias and Tios seem to agree. You could carve out a new path, break out of that well worn but predictable trajectory to the grave, but that kinda takes some work. What is one to do? Finally, for just $1.59 (+crv) you can easily tap into the wonderful world of both Taste and Poetry, that piquant refreshment to an otherwise dull routine. Whether the effects will last beyond the 33 oz. bottle has yet to be determined. But it’s a start in enhancing your aburrido lifestyle.

Available at:
Diho Market
11700 183rd St
Artesia, CA 90701

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Poetry

  1. I drank this stuff all the time when my local market was basically unloading it for nothing. It’s not bad, and I love the silly name.

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