Two Fundraisers

I’ve seen more than a few fundraisers in my day but never one featuring grilled chicken. These kids were happily yelling out “Pollo Asado!” to cars, trying to raise some money for their local church. The most common type of fundraiser is the car wash, and it’s often associated with tragedy. Click ahead for an example.

Tomorrow there is one for Alexous Ann Sandoval, one of the teens that died in a taxi cab crash after a bungled robbery. I’d call that multiple layers of tragedy.

You take the good with the bad, but in Lincoln Heights theres no shortage of surprises.

2 thoughts on “Two Fundraisers

  1. The story behind Alexous Sandoval is completely tragic, I was very affected when I first heard about this incident. It’s sad for the taxi driver who is just trying to eek out a living, it’s sad for the girls’ families who probably didn’t realize what kinda trouble their girls were into and sad for the young kids who made some foolish decisions.

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