95 Out

When you live on the Eastside, the beach is never a hop, skip, and a jump away (at best, it’s a long bus ride down Lakewood Blvd. away). So, you find another way to get cool.

For my family, this involves a short walk to Salt Lake Park. Today, after picking up some tostadas de camarón at Ceviche Loco, my mom lounged under palm trees while it was 95 degrees in L.A. I watched the Second Annual Salt Lake Park Skate Contest. And throughout, the soccer players played.

Especially amusing was the one player who yelled “ahí está el demonio” when a dirt whirlwind interrupted their match. Otros gritaron “haz las cruces.”

Hah! Take that water spout everyone gets excited about when one’s spotted at the beach. We’ve got natural wonders too.
Remolino at Salt Lake Park

More photos from a day at Salt Lake Park here.

4 thoughts on “95 Out

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  2. If I wanted to go down to the beach from South Gate, HP, and those cities, I could either take the bus down Firestone/Manchester or the Blue Line to the end. Both are fun, but the last time I was on the Blue Line I got a headache.

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