Ramon Ayala this Sunday!

The last time I visited Fiesta Broadway, I told myself I would never go back to this vile, commercial, and utterly contemptible event. It’s basically an Advertisement Circus surrounded by a few musical acts in various stages so you have to walk the gamut of corpo-sponsored suggestions. Trust me, the whole event sucks. Yes, it really does; this is supposed to be a Cinco de Mayo event but the fuckers don’t even offer alcohol, and if you happen to look Latino, don’t bother trying to go to the Broadway Bar, it’ll be closed for a “private function”. (Or bring along a gaggle of your gabacho friends, things might look a lot better then!) So yeah, under no circumstance should you go to the Fiesta Broadway this weekend.

In an utterly reproachable and wicked maneuvering by the Fiesta organizers, knowing full well that my disdain for their crap festival would cut their attendance records by nearly half (give or take a few thousand), they went and scoured my website to find a weakness. The bastards figured out that I’m a die hard fan of Ramon Ayala, a performer whose tickets cost over $100 the last time I wanted to see him. And now they’ve gone and added him to the lineup for this whole crappy venture: yes, Ramon Ayala, the King of the Accordion, will be playing for free at the crappy Fiesta Broadway this Sunday, April 27th! And to fuck shit up even more, the website doesn’t list when or at what stage he will be playing, what an outrage!

Fiesta Broadway Organizers: you suck. Ramon Ayala fans, I’ll see you there. LAEastside readers that want to meet up, I’ll be the Chicano Looking Vato with a twinge of contempt on the brow. Don’t worry, I’ll be easy to spot!

For those that want to hear some of the genius songs of the man, click here for Puño de Tierra. Or here for Tragos de Amargo Licor.

UPDATE: I heard from a little pajarito that Ayala will be play before the last performance at the Broadway and Olympic stage, sometime around 4pm. Ay nos vemos!

8 thoughts on “Ramon Ayala this Sunday!

  1. clavado en este rincon
    como te clavastes a mi corazon
    estos tragos que tomo yo
    son pura tristeza
    y son mi dolor !!!!!!!!

    One of the Best drinking songs EVER!

  2. I just ignore the booths with the long lines of people desperate for freebies, and enjoy the entertainment and hang out with friends at the bars. To get started Carl’s Junior, the one near Main and Olympic, serves pitchers of beer for about 4 bucks. Then we go to a bar like La Cita, Casa India or La Fiesta. But I won’t say where that one is at. Maybe I will find seat still.

  3. If I could spin a web of positivity on this Fiesta/Festival, the parti brought people to downtown en masse way before DeTOUR, Giant etc etc etc.

  4. Chavo, I feel your pain. I neglected the mobfest for at least a good decade and didn’t care for it either. I will say that my first time there at 9 years old, I took polaroid with fake blues brothers and the old guy from back to the future. Last year was my first year going and I had a blast. My motivation for going was that of boredom and it was a great day. I saw and taped men sell their dignities for a tote bag by degrading themselves. I saw a riot almost break out because people wanted free hats while high on free energy drinks. I did however see spider-man 3 at the orpheum for free and a week before everyone else. It’s not so bad if you make the best of it.

  5. shit this sounds bootleg just like the fake ass tamale festival in mid city they had some months back ….Ramon Ayala is always good though but sounds hectic. haven’t been to this event for years!

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