Occupy LA


It’s happening now in Downtown at city hall. Go check it out if yer not, uh, occupied.



UPDATE: I added a few more pics if you want to click ahead to see a bit of what is happening.

Lobbyists headed to City Council to pick up some cash for the Football Stadium LA residents will soon be buying.

Levas this way.

Shitty jobs are not enough, mandatory paychecks for everyone!

Nah aye, I’m busy.

Political message grab bag.

At first I thought this event was sponsored by the 99cents only store, but no its a percent sign.

What’s an LA protest without the sidewalk hotdogs? Someone needs to do this with veggie dogs and they will make a killing! Err, but without actually killing.

As my neighbor KL pointed out, it is being streamed.

Looks like the math students have been trying to weave their craft into this protest. It’s all about the numbers!

I came back later in the day. City Hall is a nice building. Too bad its full of dicks.

Ha! I didn’t write this by the way. Reminds me of that 99.9% Chicano cap.

That’s close to my recent mantra: Everything Must Go!

A big crowd for the General Assembly. It was a bit College Activisty but I liked their spirit. At least its people talking about things that matter and not some bullshit tv shows or celebrity culture. Yes, my standards are super high.

Its just the wrong kind of trickle.

Speakers speaking.

Mad as hell since the 70’s and still taking it.

I had to look it up but Earthships are homes made of recycled products and not some weird alien reference. I’m on my way to the llantero to get some supplies.

Some of the group are camping out overnight, but they moved over to the sidewalk so they don’t get in trouble with the cops since the park closes at 10:30pm. I’m still not sure what to make of this Occupy protest, but I support any movement that challenges the status quo and the Capitalist nightmare of keeping things as they are.

I plan on checking it out again soon, see what happens.



8 thoughts on “Occupy LA

  1. I like the protesting and all but how long are people going to keep this up? I guess if you’re unemployed you’ll be out there everyday. Even with that good chunk of people, I can’t imagine people today pulling off long, dragged out protests like this. Americans today don’t have the attention span to pull it off. Hope I’m proven wrong. Any who, I’ll be there tomorrow lending my support.

  2. I just got back from there at around 11:30. The scene was awesome. There were these people running around the park in a circle, working out their energy. Some people were still having meetings – and they were good sized too. All kinds of tents all over the place. People sleeping on the sidewalk in blankets. Some guys doing the live stream. Lots of college kids. It was like Colorado Blvd. before the Rose Parade. It was totally positive!

    I’m curating links over at LA Indymedia. Check it o ut.

  3. Great pics… I didn’t go to this event as I had occupied my time @ Low End Theory’s stage last night… But if the cops or park rangers would have locked anyone outta the city hall parque, I would have gladly lend out my 4e67 key!

  4. When I saw the picture of the sign about trickle-down economics, this thought popped into my head: “Trickle-down economics: The rich get richer, the poor get pissed on.”

  5. Ohhhh, “Put the glasses on & wake up.” A reference to 1988 John Carpenter cult classic, “They Live.” You know, where Shepard Fairey got his “Obey” idea for his clothing company.

  6. Hey, I know that guy in the last picture…because it’s me! Glad my simple message (repurposed from someone else’s discarded sign, no less) caught your eye, if only for a second. Earthships and Permaculture techniques are real ways for our nation to work around diverse ideologies and achieve actual progress. My humble opinion. Check it out for yourself!

  7. I work across the street. The crowd doesn’t look much like working class folks from the Eastside. I’m thinking mostly transplants ? Lately it seems to be getting more and more like a Grateful Dead concert. At first it seemed like something new. Now it just seems like Haight-Ashbury in SoCal.

  8. Well, you can’t get better transplants than Deadheads. Good for the East Side! Good people joining more good people, if you ask me.

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