5 thoughts on “Resistance Is Fertile: Hunger And Poverty Never Need A Permit aka ¡Fuck The Poor!

  1. WTF?!?!?!?!?!
    Rich cats don’t want the poor in their neighborhoods – an eye sore they probably say.
    Eff that shit.

    getting arrested for feeding the poor …what would Jesus think?

  2. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

    this shit is crazy!

    Seriously – getting arrested and it being against the law to feed the poor?

    What would that one old guy that changed the Christian world think (may he rest in peace)? Seriously, what would he think?

    Not Jesus.

    But the other guy, Walt Disney.

    Man, he loved that Orlando place.

    Happiest place on earth…my ass.

  3. Weird world.

    There’s regs on the books here in Los Angeles that prohibit nonpermitted distribution of food. When I participated in the Hollywood Burrito Project we were always on the lookout for patrol cars whenever we approached a homeless person with food for them.

  4. Penuela + yup, walt disney and that other famous guy. one in a chamber and one on a cross. we should just let them go and worry about the living. wait, do we need a permit to live in the now?

    chris and william + several years ago, i used to take RHS kids to pershing square on sundays to help Food Not Bombs. police presence increased around thankstaking, probably because of the skating rink. in december, these great kids and i missed one weekend and that was when the army in blue arrested some of these unrepentant lawbreakers (wait. that would be us too) for handing out vegetable soup. joy to the fuckin world.

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