Sidewalk Stamps 2

A collection of sidewalk stamps I’ve photographed on pedestrian dérives around Boyle Heights. There are a few from Hollywood (Greenfield), Alhambra (A.E. Cook, C.B. Stratton) and Echo Park too. Exact locations have not been documented.

For more on sidewalk history, see previous posts here and here.

Long live The Walking Class!

5 thoughts on “Sidewalk Stamps 2

  1. I haven’t seen any modern stamps, I guess people don’t take much pride in their work anymore. The only modern stamps I’ve seen have been from the gas company. Most of the stamps in the pics above date from the 1920s. The stamps from Lincoln Heights tend to be older based on age of the houses adjoining the sidewalk. You can see some of the dates if you click on the photo i.e. E.B. Marshall 1920.
    I need to start taking some walks around other neighborhoods. I’ve also been documenting my favorite urban artifact, chain-link company signs! I’m tempted to bring those home with me considering how mistreated they are but they belong with their fences for better or worse.

  2. Kick ass post man.. There’s lots of art every where you look, made me think.. Awesome blog!,,

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