The Three Beauties of the Modern Los Angeles Table. Sriracha, Ketchup, and Tapatio are ubiquitous around the city and usually always hanging out together.

Take a guess where this was spotted: first person to figure out the type of restaurant it was and leaves a comment on this post wins a free LA Eastside t-shirt. (Make sure you use a real email address tonto!)

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Clearly the answer was a Middle Eastern/ Lebanese restaurant, otherwise known as Wahib’s in Alhambra. You snooze, you lose.

This contest is now over and I have to chuck this t-shirt into the trash.


13 thoughts on “Condiments

  1. From the tile on the wall I thought it was someone’s restroom.. Haha.. My guess would have to be a chinese food place in LH or HP.. Or maybe that Lenchos place in LH. Sepa!! C’mon camisa!! 😉

  2. Judging by the plant it looks like a chinese, or thai food place…. Boda in LH? Roong Fah?

  3. Damn, I guess the market for a free LA Eastside shirt has really bottomed out! It’s okay, blogs are last years news. But this one shirt that needs to go should find a proper home, won’t you be the one to suggest the right sort of eatery this is so as to win said shirt?

  4. Is there anywhere we can buy the L.A. Eastside t-shirt? The walls looked familiar though!

  5. Don’t throw it in the trash!!!! I will find a nice and somewhat descent home for it 🙂

  6. Dang, I definitely snoozed on this one. Since I moved from Michigan, where Middle Eastern food is everywhere, Wahib’s has been my spot! I love to douse those chicken shawarma sandwiches in tapatio. Yum.

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