How To Determine Windiness Levels

Here’s an urban survival tip for you to consider, which might come in handy at some crucial moment in your hectic life. If you want to determine how windy it is outside, say because you want to start a bbq or want to cut some tumbleweeds at the root to see them roll around all over the streets, measure the height of palm fronds on the sidewalk. Here we see a few inches of frond, which translates to a lil’ windy.

Here we see a couple of feet, which technically means pretty windy.

Yup, the formula checks out.

I suppose you could just go outside and feel the wind around you, that might work too. But its not a very scientific way to do things.

5 thoughts on “How To Determine Windiness Levels

  1. Best post ever! If Flamencos in Sevilla can sing songs about their rivers and building steeples, you as an Angeleno, can write posts about palm fronds.

  2. I’m actually quite surprised that I, or anyone I know, hasn’t been seriously injured by palm leaves. They are heavy, spiny, and seem to fall out of nowhere. What I have come to notice in El Sereno is that someone gathers them up and then just props them up against a tree/post and leaves them there. Is it some sort of post-modern-art? As the owl in the tootsie pop commercials once said, “the world may never know.”

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