4 thoughts on “Save La Raza Studies in AZ

  1. look I wish to have news that concern MHL this short for Mexican,Hispanic,Latino ,I have recieved some news but they were deleted , so send me something that I can start,reading, listening, or maybe be of some help, Thank you

  2. not to say this isn’t i worthy cause,it is, but it seems that Californians should be more concerned with preserving our access to any kind of higher education. With the budget cuts, decrease in student enrollment and rise in tuition. Its difficult for students to get access to any kind of higher education and classes, including ethnic studies classes. What could is trying to preserve a class if no one can afford to have access to those courses. The way things are going here i dont imagine it will be long before they start cutting ethnic studies programs here not because of idealogical disagreements but rather because lack of funding.

  3. The last thing we need to do is give any xenophobic politicians a fiscal excuse to cut ethnic studies that they know they never wanted anyway. Far be it from them to pull their pockets out and pull the ‘we have no money’ card. Why give them that edge? What we need to do in America is tax the shit out of the private contractors that got all of the Iraq money, which turned out to be a waste anyway because there were no weapons of mass destruction. That would put a little back in the treasury, that could go to state governments and colleges. America’s wealth was pissed away on a useless war and instead of blaming those who wasted it and trying to recoup it, we’re using the limited budgets, that are the result of it, as an excuse to basically cut things that, coincidentally, benefit the poor. Yeah, go figure. We can not let politicians who seek to cut education and social programs use the budget as an excuse until they’ve proven to us that they at least recognize that the money was blown on the Iraq war, and have done something to recoup it, especially what was given to private contractors, many of whom are on easy street sipping on cocktails right now while the rest of us adjust to these so called “bad economic times”. We’re coping with being victims of a mass heist by Wall Street and war profiteers (and the prison industry, where California is concerned), is what this “bad economy” really is.

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