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Hey, finally something I want to attend at the Workspace gallery in Lincoln Heights. Actually, I never know what goes on in that space, perhaps a calendar in their window would be helpful or some kind of outreach to the neighborhood. In any case, I missed Daniel Hernandez reading from his new book Down & Delirious in Mexico City a few weeks ago and happy to have the chance to hear him read right in my own neighborhood! See ya there!

Five Points Reading Series Presents:

Mexico Now

Veronica Gonzalez
Daniel Hernandez
Chris Kraus

6PM at Workspace: 2601 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles 90031

See you there.

Veronica Gonzalez is the author of twin time: or, how death befell me which won the won the Premio Aztlán Literary Prize in 2007. She is also the coeditor of Juncture: 25 Very Good Stories and 12 Excellent Drawings and the founder of rockypoint Press, a series of artist-writer collaborations. Currently she’s working on a new novel.

Daniel Hernandez’s first book, Down & Delirious in Mexico City, was published in February by Scribner. He is a former staff reporter at both the LA Times and LA Weekly and his journalism has appeared in outlets across the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and East Asia including Gatopardo, West, The New York Times ‘T’ Magazine, Flaunt, The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, The Guardian, California Monthly, Celeste, Extra! at FAIR, El País, among others.

Chris Kraus’s new book is Where Art Belongs. She is the author of Video Green: Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness and the novels Aliens and Anorexia, I Love Dick, and Torpor. A 2007 recipient of the Frank Mather Award in Art Criticism and a 2010 Warhol Foundation Arts Writer’s grant, she has taught art writing in graduate programs at University of California, Irvine, Art Center College, San Francisco Art Institute, and European Graduate School.

4 thoughts on “Five Points Reading Series

  1. Daniel Hernandez’s book looks interesting. Reading the reviews at Amazon. I’ll probably get it.

  2. That place is small, I couldn’t hear shit outside even though they had a mic and amp (consider using the volume knob). But I could hear the Christians down the street fine.

  3. Workspace needs to blend in with the neighborhood, sell some tacos outside their ‘gallery’ or whatever the hell it is, maybe set up a speaker so that those who don’t fit in their tiny little closet sized place can at least hear whats going on…Do it like the Evangelicals across the street.

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