Farewell Lincoln Park Carousel

LA Eastside received some sad news yesterday, the Lincoln Park Carousel, which has provided thousand of kids with old-timey fun will be closing. In fact, the wooden horses might’ve already taken their last roundabout trip today.

Despite two attempts for the owners to continue on, the poor economic situation is forcing them to close. It’s a distressing situation for carousel worker Ana Salas who dedicated much time and effort to promote the carousel. “It was more than just a two minute ride” she told LA Eastside “It was a little escape and a sense of happiness for the riders. Seeing everyone’s smiles made me happy.”

Much respect to all of the Lincoln Park advocates who spent so much time and energy to keep the carousel moving for the past three years.

Lincoln Park Carousel Facebook page.

Original Los Angeles Times story about happier carousel days here.

El Chavo’s 2008 post about the first time the Lincoln Park Carousel was due to close here.

One thought on “Farewell Lincoln Park Carousel

  1. Wow! Great video… Must of been in 2007? The man in the green shirt is Ralph Gustavson, trully a great man and mentor. His brother is Don Gustavson, the owner of the Carousel. Also a great man. The song playing is called “Sidewalks of New York” – Wurlitzer (Don’t know why I know this)….
    The closing of this Carousel feels like a second stab to the chest. Sad for the regulars, especially the kids… I believe the owner will put it for sale or dismantle and put it in storage……

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