When your daily intake of calories is defined via a “combo number” then it’s probably a good time to contemplate other options. Maybe food with a name?

I don’t get the appeal of fast food, other than the fact that it is cheap and easy, although maybe that is enough of a draw. But what a wasted opportunity to try something interesting instead. I know Eastsiders like their fast food or else these places would go out of business. I’m interested in learning though, so let me ask you this:

Why do you frequent fast food places? Is it the price? The convenience? Lack of other local options? This metiche would like to know.


  1. I can’t tell a lie, I like the cheap, greasy, crispy tacos. I know, but I’ll suffer the slings and arrows gladly.

  2. The sad thing is that if they removed the 40% (or whatever the percentage is nowadays) of cow bits they put in those mostly soy tacos, I know I would add them to my potential meals list. Cuz it would be so easy.

  3. Ever notice how the signs and labels of major chain fast food retailers are looking more and more child like and cartoonish? When you see a cluster of them at an intersection or highway road stop, the signs almost look like some kind of amusement park.

  4. I’m probably the wrong one to answer this, being that most fast food places I frequent call me by name, that’s when you know your’e hitting it too hard!!

  5. “Why do you frequent fast food places?”

    Lack of self-respect.

    “Is it the price?”

    No, fast food is expensive. It would be better to go the store.

    “The convenience?”

    Fast food is not more convenient. One trip to the store will get you all you need for a few days or even a week or two. Count up the time waiting in the drive-through. How about the time driving to the fast food place? How about the gas used driving to the fast food?

    Fast food simply has the perception of convenience. Intellectually, I know I should be going to the store instead.

    “Lack of other local options?”

    There is no shortage of local options whether you are talking about the Eastside or North Orange County where I live. The fast food problem is the same everywhere.

    It’s lack of self-respect. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after all these years.

  6. Based on Jack’s sign, I’m guessing what some folks like about the fast food chains is that they don’t have to remember a litany of psuedo-food items and whether they like particular ones in order to place an order. For instance: I might be too tired/rushed/distracted/trashed to remember what’s in a number 4 combo, but I remember that I like the “4”, so I order the 4 and am pleasantly unsurprised. Kinda like voting along party lines.

    But now they have to go and mix up the combo numbers. How inconsiderate!

  7. When we go out to eat now, and when Grandpa took us out in the 60’s to eat, we never had coupons, tried to lose weight, or eat healthy, we were there to splurge, pig out!! I don’t want anything low fat, non gluten, or non dairy!!, or vegan, YUCK! I’ll take extra lard in my frijoles!! Don’t want no tofu in lawn clipping sauce neither!! Yes, I’ll pay the price later, I know.

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