the Blog-spanics are coming!!!!

Hispanicize 2011, the Second Annual Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference (April) in Los Angeles!!!!

OMG!!! Are we like going to be all over this? Like on every panel? Is El Chavo going to be the Key Note Speaker?
NO. You have to be tied to some corporation, cuz if you ain’t servin el jefe, you don’t exist.


The official Advertising Agency Partner of the conference is The Sensis Agency and the Latino Social Media Agency partner of Hispanicize 2011 is Fleishman Hillard. Sponsors include McDonald’s, Que Rica Vida (General Mills), Sprint, United Healthcare, TeleNoticias, The Axis Agency, PR Newswire, Super Boleteria, RL Public Relations and Stone Crossing Solutions. Media partners are the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Latino Leaders Magazine and My Latino Voice.Conference sponsorship information is available by contacting To sign up for conference-related Twitter headlines visit


The agenda for Hispanicize 2011 has been organized by a prestigious national advisory board consisting of: Nina Price (General Motors); Nadine Sterba (Nestlé); Sarah-Frances Wallace (Lowe’s); Carla Dodds (Walmart U.S.); Maria Rodas ( General Mills/Que Rica Vida); Jose Pinero (Microsoft / Xbox); Octavio Navarro (Ford Motor Co.); Cristina Alfaro ( McDonald’s); Russell Bennett (United Healthcare); Diane Jones Lowrey (Levi Strauss & Company); Olga Romero (Southwest Airlines); Hector Galvan, ( Sprint Nextel); Clara Carrier (Ronald McDonald House Charities);

Lourdes Rodriguez (Hispanic Public Relations Association – LA and VPE); David Henry (TeleNoticias & Hispanic Public Relations Association-NY); Maribel Ferrer (Fleishman Hillard); Jose Villa (The Sensis Agency); Roxana Lissa (RL Public Relations); John Echeveste (VPE Public Relations); Armando Azarloza (The Axis Agency); Romina Bongiovanni (Edelman Multicultural); Zandra Zuno (GolinHarris Confianza); Rory Lassanske (Mamá Contemporánea); Jennifer Hutcheson (Mami2Mommy); Joscelyn Ramos (Mami of Multiples); Rosa Alonso (My Latino Voice); and Lance Rios (Being Latino Facebook Fan Page).”

Their workshop titles are just as funny:

“- “Mami Blogging 3.0: The Power of Influence”
– “How to build, manage and engage communities of Hispanics on Facebook to drive ROI”
– “Half-Day Blogger Training: How to Transform Yourself Into the Ultimate Latino Brand Ambassador”
– “2011 Industry Leaders Forum: Marketing Leaders Look at the State of Hispanic PR and Social Media”
– “Powerful Insights on How to Use Twitter to Build Followers and Engage with Legions of Latinos”
– “Communispace’s Hispanic Identity Project: Understanding and Tapping into the U.S. Hispanic Market via Private Online Communities”
– “Speed Dating: Latina and Latino Bloggers Meet the Brands and Agencies”
– “Si, I Blog Too: Getting to Know the World of Spanish-language and Bilingual Bloggers”
– “The Few But Not Forgotten: Discovering the Nation’s Most Influential Latino Men Bloggers”
– “The Rules of Engagement: How to Effectively Collaborate with Bloggers and Groups of Bloggers”
– “A 360 Degree Look at Best Practices for Measuring Hispanic PR and Social Media ROI”

It’s a strange new cyber world indeed.

6 thoughts on “the Blog-spanics are coming!!!!

  1. “I don’t need no stinking ‘Hispanics'”. Please educate on the etymological tendencies of the term Hispanic. If one needs labels at least be inclusive. A little guidance from the recent past . . .

    La raza!
    Or whatever I call myself,
    I look the same
    I feel the same
    I cry
    Sing the same.
    I am the masses of my people and
    I refuse to be absorbed.

    Hyphenated Americans unite!

  2. Maybe our tickets are in the mail? I should apply to go so I can look into this ROI (return on investment) for LA Eastside. Now that we have them all hooked, lets sell them shit! Plus I want to be a Brand Ambassador. Hmm, maybe I can get into Mami Blogging too…

  3. I think this event is the perfect place to pitch my new book, Menudo Soup for the Soul: A Latina’s Guide to Happiness in Five Spicy Simple Steps.

    I’ll give you all a sneak peak…

    1. Every morning upon rising do the loudest Mexican grito you can. It doesn’t matter if you sound like a sick hyena.

    2. Eat nopales with chile. Proven to lower blood sugar levels, maintain balanced energy and the chiles provide vitamin C, zing!

    3. Do zapateados around your kitchen daily. Dance, exercise, obvious.

    4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed

    5. Drink lots and lots of micheladas, if all else fails or if everything goes perfect or if it all turns out just okay.

    Hmmm, actually that ‘sneak peek’ is all I got so far but I smell a money maker. Well, I smell something…

  4. Pachuco, “Hispanics” are neither us, or anyone we may know. I think they are people who are sprayed bronze and are also Republicans.

  5. I don’t know what it is that makes some of us want to totally change the system and others just want to change the system enough so that they are allowed access into it.
    I perused a few blogs from ‘latinos’ and ‘hispanics’ and almost all of them begin with a list of their credentials given to them by their employment by some corporation. As if because ‘the man’ liked you enough to hire, that makes you a great and smart person.
    We have got a long way to go in either direction, total changing of the system or acceptance into the system.

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