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  1. You wouldn’t ask the elotero for a corn on a cob would you? Or the tamalera for a steamed corn cake wrapped in a husk? Or the hotdogero for a steamed sausage? That is what the funny is all about.

  2. When you’re like me and as white as Wonder Bread and raised on the faux westside (where if you said “raspado!” people would hurry up), you come to realize from people like Will.i.am where the REAL Los Angeles is. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I think George was just translating it to the viewers, but if he’s going to pass himself off as comedy’s authority on L.A.’s Chicano culture, he’d better not let himself get out-chicano’d by a non Latino on his own show. He walked right into that.

    “raspados, fool!”.

    LOL. Wow. That’s exactly how Will I. Am would have put it to a white guy from the burbs. Had to have stung George’s ego a little.

  4. Like Gershwins song say’s “It ain’t necessarily so” Rob, just because kids are Chicano that doesn’t preclude them from using the english language spoken on the street by most Chicanitos instead of the traditional Spanish. That’s why in many places in the US and even Mexico, along the border especially, Spanglish has become the language of choice. And to hell with the pedant’s who gnash thier teeth and cry to the heavens when they feel that the Spanish or (english for that matter), language is being polluted by foreign words. Language is a living and evolving function that changes to suit the needs of the people, and that is why when I was a kid , and after playing hard at the Boys Club in Lincoln Hts, a “snowcone” made by my friend Alex Patino’s mother Alva at her little Raspado stand on Pasadena Ave “Alva’s”, was maybe the best thing the world could offer up to us kids in the hot summer heat.
    I always liked the “rainbow” raspado that had a squirt of all the colors and flavors, but some kids were purist’s and would ask for just one flavor on thier snowcones.
    Some kids used to ask for rainbow raspado’s or even green or cherry hielo but most of us Chicano youngsters in Lincoln Hts, like George Lopez, would simply ask for thier own favorite flavored “snowcones”.

  5. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have emphasized “Chicano”, then. But nonetheless, I tend to agree with El Chavo’s view, that G.lo got schooled.

  6. I would have wanted to have Will.i.am be my chambelan!!!! Well 15 years ago that would have worked and if I were catholic..Ha!

  7. I’ve always disliked George Lopez because he puts himself out there as “Americas Mexican” and it comes off as contrived. He always seems like he’s trying too hard to convince everyone of his authenticity. So I found it hilarious when Will corrected him, much respect to Will I remember seeing bep playing all the east side shows in the late 90’s early 2000’s glad to see someone from the pj’s make it big after all those years of hustling.

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