2 thoughts on “Resistance Is Fertile: Do You Really Want To Know?

  1. Right On CT! Excellent post again.

    “You know why God made whiskey? To keep the Irish from taking over the fucking world that’s why!”
    I love the Irish people, nobody uses the English language (except maybe Chicano’s with Spanglish), as well as the Irish, fucking A right!
    And has anybody ever explained the world financial crises better than this Irishman? Fuck no! He’s right on point, put those fucking financial genius’s who fucked things up in the fucking pinta and throw away the keys.
    Hmmm, well those Irish priests we used to have to live with growing up at Sacred Heart Church in Lincoln Hts were a bunch of fucking wankers though, aw well here’s a little shot of Irish whiskey to the old sod and the holy mother church!

    PS If anyone wants to see a very thourough history of the Irish in LA go rent the excellent classic movie “True Confessions”.

  2. i agree DQ, the few irish i have met here in l.a. or elsewhere are usually very straight shooters. i remember this guy in college, pat, we’d talk boxing and he’d say “we” when talking bout mexican and irish fighters, thought it was the funniest thing. the irish lead singer of dethroned empire, a metal band i saw in san luis potosí, was the kindest dude and that he was in a mexican metal band playing in a bull ring with my crazy new friends from guanajuato, seemed like the natural thing to do. i remember Barry McCguigan as a commentator for some fights in mexico and he said he felt like he was back in clones, ireland. hope i get the same feeling when i skip down the streets of belfast with my new irish friends. it will happen.

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