French Tacos

Somewhere in El Sereno a Mexican food truck that tends to the taco business goes by the name of “La Cuisine Francaise”. Hey, they have no twitter feed so that works for me. But the dog seems a lil’ bit scared, por que sera? Bon Appetit!

6 thoughts on “French Tacos

  1. the dog ain’t scared, he’s confused and sad and wondering where his lady at, they were supposed to meet: ¿Donde ‘sta la poodle? où est ma petite amie???? ma chérie, ma chérie….!!!

  2. I’ve passed by that truck about 6 times and each time, as I approach, I say to myself, “Wow! French food in El Sereno, so cool!” Then I ride by and I’m always disappointed. It is a point of personal honor that I’ve never stopped to eat at this misleading truck.

    They need a Twitter page with just one update, “We don’t really have any french food.”

    Or they could put a “Just Kidding!” under their name.

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