5 minutes of fame

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As of late, I’ve been getting some attention online because of an essay I wrote for Zocalo Public Square. I got published on Dec. 5/6 and since it went viral on facebook and twitter, I’ve been getting emails and messages from other undocumented individuals whose life mirrors mine and from supporters to keep up the good work and that they enjoyed reading the essay. I was also fortunate enough to have an old high school friend connect with me again after reading the article, that’s how far it got. Secretly though, I was kinda hoping that some of the xenophobes and nativist that troll blogs to leave negative comments would spit their vile, but no luck yet. But someone did leave this comment, which I think is the best one thus far because of what it means, “I am a white republican american citizen and after reading your article I do look at the situation differently. You have put a personal story to the DREAM ACT and made me reconsider my position.”

Now thanks to fellow blogger, journalist, writer, Xipster Daniel Hernandez, I’m getting more attention via the L.A. Times World blog. No one has posted anything vile yet, but there’s a few snarky comments per the L.A. Times comment editing policy. I think I’ve posted like five different comments on the article and only the one about me telling people to follow me on twitter got through. Not only that, but my other gripe is the Times calling me an “illegal student.” That doesn’t make any sense !!!! How or what is an “illegal student???” If I was an illegal student I wouldn’t even be in school. I don’t go to school under a false alias or ss #, I pay my fees and earn my grades just like everyone else. Anyway, the L.A. Times knows about me, editors follow this blog for story ideas but yet, they won’t offer me a freelance job, internship or something. I got a scholarship from them earlier this year, so what’s the problem ? And neither story credited Ernesto for his art work either. They could have just simply emailed or tweeted me on who did that awesome graphic of me and my bigotes. Any who, that’s all for now. Ohhh and keep making phone calls for the DREAM Act, it come up for a vote tomorrow (this Sat) and we need all the help we can get to make this happen.

8 thoughts on “5 minutes of fame

  1. The L.A. Times steals stories, often fails to provide proper attribution, and you’re complaining that they’re not offering you a job? Why work for a company you have disdain for? (and btw, they steal story ideas from everyone, so don’t be too flattered). Have you pursued a gig with the LA Weekly, or another alternative news source? If its an internship you’re after, you’ll likely gain more hands on experience with a smaller outlet anyway.

  2. For this congress the DREAM act is like trying to score a touchdown when down by 40 points. Actually, even that’s too heroic of an analogy. More like, Bill Murray and his Army unit in Stripes showing up at the last second to their boot camp graduation. The most spineless Democratic majority in history. One truly honoring civic moment they’d be able to hang their hat on, while shuffling toward the exit, after 4 years on their knees, in servitude of a Republican minority.

  3. The real un-employment rate in California is probaly over 20% don’t expect jobs to come to you. Anyone wanting a job today, has to purse employment like a pit-bull afer a bone.

  4. i like your hair in the poster 🙂

    sucks that it didnt pass man

    but what i HATE the most is John McCain’s dumb-ass thinking and rationalizing of why the dream act shouldn’t pass.

    He makes old white republicans look really really bad!

    They should pass a resolution to force senators to retire once they reach the age of 60 or something.

    I think Betty White should kick his ASS 🙂

    continue “echandole ganas man”


  5. Why all the griping? You’ve probably written the only Dream Act article that hasn’t caused the angry vultures to attack en-masse. It’s not because they’re not reading it – they’re intimidated by the reality in it, which is complex and demanding.

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