The Fall

The Fall – L.A. – 1985

Driving home last night from the Calavera Fashion Show, we saw small clumps of college girls walking through the Downtown streets, their sparkling sequin pants glimmering in the headlights.

7 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. Totally agree, Rob! Lately, I’ve been discovering all these old videos I’ve never had the opportunity to see and a lot of them capture parts of Los Angeles that weren’t part of the media gaze. They are small bits of documentation to prove that the ‘other’ has always been here.

  2. Aww the 80’s!! I want my My MTV back! Not these new teen baby momma drama shows.

    P.S My spam word is churro and now I want one! 🙂

  3. We were downtown for a book signing that same night and it was a Mariah Carey invasion all down Spring Street. I think she was filming—so all the parking lot fees were sky rocket high!! Gronk’s Cafe only had chocolate tamales 😐

  4. I was watching MTV a couple of days ago, I wanted to see if this 16 and Pregnant show everyone’s raving about is as educational and interesting as they’re saying it is. What garbage. The show glosses right over the truly interesting aspects of it, like health issues, planning for living situations, income, socially adapting to motherhood while still being a teenager and having teenage friends, etc., and jumps right to the mother’s issues with the jerk who got her pregnant, his cheating on her, his spending money on his own clothes, etc. instead of buying things for the baby. Every episode follows this pattern, as the preview to the next episode shows the same thing. It’s obvious they only did this show because they know most 16 year old, pregnant girls have issues with the baby’s father. It’s inevitable considering the age. They can promote it as an educational documentary knowing all they have to do is focus on the boyfriend and it becomes a Jerry Springer train wreck. This network is pure exploitation. It’s been for some time now, and they’ve always targeted teenagers, most being minors, but now they’re targeting minors who are in crisis for their low denominator, crass entertainment. Before watching I was naive enough to think that MTV was starting to at least show “edutaining” news specials again, like they did in the ’80s and ’90s. Not even close.

    Anyhow, regarding music, if you guys like early ’80s new wave, post punk, what have you, especially some of the more obscure tunes, VH1 Classic is actually pretty good. They show a lot of metal, too, if you’re into that. But I know on some nights they play late ’70s/ early ’80s punk and new wave videos all night. It really is like a flashback to the old MTV.

  5. I’ve sampled that 16 and pregnant, the mega sweet 16 party, and made—they are definitely in the reality-spectacle formula realm. I can see 1 or 2 episodes and get my fill for a lifetime.

  6. I love VH1 Classic! Especially when they have Metal!

    As for these teen momma shows, I got preggos at 16. So I know how it turns out. Teens hate everything but boys! So sad to see how MTV exploits them.

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