Southwest Museum Mural

Mural by Highland Park artist Daniel Cervantes.

There are many reasons to appreciate this mural on Marmion Way, under the Southwest Museum: the colors that seem to glow in the sun, the attractive graphic style and most importantly, the subject, Native people of the Americas. Northeast LA is home to many American Indians and they deserve a lot more recognition than this mural but this gorgeous piece is a good start.

And speaking of respect and recognition, it’s a shame the Southwest Museum is no longer open to the public due to the actions of The Autry Museum who took the museum over many years ago and has since shuttered this Northeast LA landmark. They have many reasons for doing so but none have convinced me. Save the Southwest Museum!

2 thoughts on “Southwest Museum Mural

  1. Hey that’s cool! I’m the artist who did the mural and I’m glad to know my mural is appreciated. Save the Southwes Museum!

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