Stream Dreams: Stream Spirit Rising

“Passing Through the Arroyo” 2003, Pearl Beach

A few years ago when I started toying with the idea of doing a series of posts about the old streams of the Eastside, there was not much information up on the internet. Since then, there have been a number of blogs, posts and other information regarding Los Angeles’ hidden and forgotten waterways.

As I mentioned before, the stand-out is the awesome site L.A. Creek Freak. It’s written by people who have been instrumental in the positive changes regarding our watershed and have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the issues. Their passion for our city’s waterways is infectious.

Other folks are covering this topic so well, I was conflicted about whether I should continue with the Stream Dreams posts. Even if I’m repeating a bit of the same information, I decided it’s important to keep people interested in the issues of our Los Angeles wetlands and waterways; it’s such a vital part of our Los Angeles ecology.

I recently came across this card for When the Stream Spirit Rises an exhibition that took place in Northeast LA a few years ago, promoting the possibilities for daylighting the North Branch of the Arroyo Seco. A parade and festival were also part of this celebration. Please see the videos below to view more of the activities involved with this event and to find out what ‘daylighting’ means, in case you don’t know.

Stream Spirit Rising, part one

Stream Spirit Rising, part two

More on Stream Spirit Rising here from Jennifer Murphy and a great post by Jessica Hall on LA Creek Freak.

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