Halloween Shopping

Nevermind the shopping malls, I take to the streets to get my goods! Let’s go do a bit of Halloween shopping in the people’s marketplace of Lincoln Heights! This local parking space/shop has been suppling LH with all its seasonal needs, last mentioned here in regards to the attack bunny. This time it was other monsters on the attack…

…like these terrorizers waiting for you to walk the gauntlet of fright. Err, the last monster is merely the Launderland manager waiting to advise that you will not get your lost quarters back from the broken dryer. Shudder!

It only looks lifeless, but just you wait.

Not sure how much this fancy costume was going for, but it is pretty cool!

A Dia de Muertos inspired costume. And you can use the skirt as a tablecloth afterwards!

Que asco! An abominable grey snowman outfit, one that my friend Apio would look good in, and a Mr. Raw Meatball Face on a noose combo. Blood sauce included.

Meet your local butcher. Let him tell you tales of gore and death. Only $4.99 a lb!

On my way to the other street shopping district I see this free semi-used piñata. A bit of glue, a bit of tape…

Wow! Lot’s of free lawn decorations. You just have to make your purchase fast. Score!

Over at the high-class swapmeet disctrict, near the Thrift Store Lofts we find some world class latex masks. And a few fancy capes.

On special this week: horrible art to scare the people away! Terror-ific!

Special deals on the tools of the trade to lure in the children. Here kiddy, kiddy!

A fine curated display of traditional and non-traditional Halloween costumery. Ticket price = $0.00!

$3 flashlight and $2 box of blades. Now to buy some apples. My Halloween shopping is done!

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Spotted somewhere recently, a Halloween X-mas tree. Oh yeah!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Shopping

  1. Who knew that the ghost of Nefertiti would choose Lincoln Heights for her haunting spot? But then again, LH is a fine place for ghouls of all sorts.

  2. The kids in Lincoln Hts and all the Eastside for that matter, have always taken Holloween very seriously. Make sure you give them some tricky, tricky, candy or you might be the object of some tricky, tricky.
    Don’t be cheap and make those kids happy!

  3. You should take a pic of my house on Avenue 28-
    Haunted Halloween looking year-around…no decorations required.

    Its a 2 story Craftsman home falling apart, built in 1890…

    luckily the demon/ghost whatever was upstairs left with my ex-…We used to hear loud footsteps back n forth daily; it would freak us out but once my ex left they stopped.

    No theirs a Halloween story for you-

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