Eagle Rock Music Festival

Forget about Sunset Junction, the best music festival in Los Angeles is the Eagle Rock Music Festival happening this Saturday, October 2 on Colorado Blvd.

Every year I’ve gone I’ve been impressed by the diverse crowds of all ages and ethnicities, the good vibe feeling of the event and the outstanding music groups. This year it’s even better with both Razorcake and Low End Theory stages and bands like La Santa Cecilia, The Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing and -so excited for this- The Egyptian Lover and the Arabian Prince!

Hope to see you there!

Eagle Rock Music Festival
Saturday, October 2, 2010
On Colorado between Eagle Rock Blvd and Argus

More info at their Facebook page.

Eagle Rock at the 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival.

Zocaloc/Razorcake Stage (located near blue hen)

4:00 PM Driven
5:00 PM Mutiny
6:00 PM Handski
7:00 PM The HighBinders
8:00 PM La Bestia
9:00 PM Nervous Gender
10:00 PM Toys That Kill

Kingsize Stage (located near Panang Restaurant)

4:00 PM Seasons
5:00 PM Down Town Union
6:00 PM Drunk on Crutches
7:00 PM Pay the Man
8:00 PM High Ho Silver Oh
9:00 PM Submarines
10:00 PM Monstre

The Ship Stage (located near Panang Restaurant)

4:30 PM Honeybreath
5:30 PM Manhattan Murder Mystery
6:30 PM Radars to the Sky
7:30 PM Wait. Think. Fast.
8:30 PM Frankel
9:30 PM Walking Sleep
10:30 PM Fidlar

Colombo’s Stage (About Columbo’s Restaurant)

4:00 PM Ann Likes Red
6:00 PM Joe Johnston Band
4:00 PM Vertigo Road
5:00 PM Tim Yalda
6:00 PM Remake/Remodel
7:00 PM Ann Likes Red
8:00 PM Erica Lake & Paul Jacques
9:00 PM Blue Soul

Women’s 20th Century Club Stage (About Women’s 20th Century Club)

5:00 PM Erik Ekstrand Ensemble
Welcome Inn Stage (About Welcome Inn)

7:00 PM Bonne Musique Zydeco
Emerging Stage

4:00 PM Dr. Who (DJ Set)
5:00 PM Moses Campbell
6:00 PM TBA
7:00 PM Darker My Love
8:00 PM Blank Blue
9:00 PM TBA
10:00 PM The Soft Pack

Rantz Stage (About Rantz Auto Center)

7:00 PM E.R.H.S. Latin Jazz Band
8:00 PM Ollin
9:00 PM La Santa Cecilia

Low End Theory Stage (located near The Coffee Table Bistro)

Nocando (MC)
4:00 PM Jonwayne
4:30 PM Teebs
5:00 PM Matthewdavid
5:30 PM Take
6:00 PM Dibiase
7:00 PM Free the Robots
7:30 PM Ras G
8:00 PM D Styles
8:30 PM Daddy Kev
9:00 PM Gaslamp Killer
9:30 PM DJ Nobody
10:00 PM Nasaj Thing

Children’s Stage (located near Eagle Rock City Hall)

4:00 PM The Funky Slippers
5:00 PM Wacko
6:00 PM Ellen & Matt
7:00 PM Earthworm Ensemble
8:00 PM 4SCoRE
9:00 PM The Dustbowl Revival
Paus Los Angeles – Craft Tables!

Global Stage / Dublab “Future Roots” Stage (Located near Camilo’s California Bistro and Colorado Wine Co.)

4:00 PM Frosty (DJ set)
4:45 PM Lucky Dragons
5:30 PM Hashim B (DJ set)
6:15 PM Chicano Batman
7:00 PM Mahssa Middle Eastern Psychedelia (DJ set)
7:45 PM Rainbow Arabia
8:30 PM Mochilla (DJ set)
9:15 PM Shinehead
10:00 PM Egyptian Lover & Arabian Prince
Experimental/KOXY Stage (located near Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock)

4:00 PM Santa Cecilia Orchestra
6:00 PM Tygerstrype
6:45 PM Asura & Ana Caravelle
7:30 PM LA Vampires
8:15 PM Speculator
9:00 PM Geneva Jacuzzi
9:45 PM Sun Araw
10:25 PM SASSAS soundShoppe
For more information about Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock please visit http://www.centerartseaglerock.org or call 323-226-1617.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that we will be @ the festival tomorrow too 🙂

    hopefully we run into each other, A is dying to catch up with you guys (& i’m dying to get to know ya’ll)

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