El Verde ~ The Marriage of Quinceañera

La Quinceañera, played by Ramona Gonzales (center) and her chambalanes Uno, played by Justin Rabi, left and Dos, played by Marcelo Alivias, right, prepare to do battle with El Verde

All Photos courtesy of El Verde Production

You know that phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ? It’s like a double edge sword. You know what works, but at the same time don’t want to be repetitious and boring. It happens to the best of us, and in the newest installment of the on going adventures of “El Verde,” it’s a good thing.

Martha, played by Blanca Melchor, and her husband Arturo, played by Anthony Aguilar, look on for signs of coming danger

“El Verde” follows the exploits of it’s main character, “El Verde”, played by Anthony Aguilar, who is also the shows co-writer and producer, as he battles his gallery of foes, using the powers he attained after surviving an explosion at the elote factory. Now he fights for truth, justice and the Mexican American way against La Quinceañera, played by Ramona Gonzales and La Llorona Lisa, played by Miriam Peniche.

The shows production value, creativity and originality stand out with every laugh and chuckle coming from the audience. The plays writers, Aguilar, Alejandra Cisneros, who is also the director and producer, and Cris Franco have done a terrific job in getting El Verde in brand new adventures, but also in preserving the characters origins and the stories continuity, which is further explored in this latest production.

The show delves into the relationship a hero and and arch villain have ala Batman, in which one creates the other and they are both destined to be in an eternal struggle to thwart each other. In this case, La Quinceañera and El Verde. The past of the supporting cast of characters is also explored as El Verdes wife, Martha, played by Blanca Melchor, takes on a much more active and physical role throughout the show.

The over all story is a little slow to pick and can lose some people with the twist and turns developed along the way, but the story is concluded succinctly toward the end, leaving the door open for further stories that cold possibly see El Verde taking on a partner in crime fighting. The mini-parody commercials added between episodes add variety to the production value and are much like the kind of skits you would see on television. Taking everyday objects and/or scenarios and putting a comedic twist on them.

The production team and actors make excellent use of the intimate stage space, making it work to their advantage.  This current show runs a little extra longer than usual, which will make for some sore buttocks, but all worth it. The story is written in which new and returning El Verde fans can enjoy the show without feeling left out.

The show runs through August 29, playing every Friday and Saturday at 8p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m.

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2009 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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