What’s to Celebrate? That is the question.

With all the racism, fighting, finger pointing, accusations, pettiness, warring, spectacle-ism going on in the US (and everywhere), what the hell is there to celebrate this weekend?  Our overall family-macrocosm is pretty lame.  Across the land people are in save-yourself mode —throwing everyone who is weak and without resources off the ship.  Ok, well maybe we are not as bad as Belgian and France where freedom of religion is now an affront to “European culture”.  I guess I should not be surprised that that cunita of racism is on-cue and tightening the reigns.  In the 1930s Depression Los Angeles police positioned themselves at this state’s border to keep out starving poor white farmers from entering, there were massive deportations of Mexicans and their American born children,  millions of people lost their homes/businesses, any poor person was an enemy to American life.   Sound familiar?  Personally, I like to learn from mistakes, even if they are not mine and not repeat them over and  over like I’m punch-drunk.  If we are going to survive what is happening within our families, communities,  country and world with conscientiousness and honorability– we must think creatively, inclusively, differently, together.  And then, that would be something to celebrate.

9 thoughts on “What’s to Celebrate? That is the question.

  1. Victoria your post reminds me of my siempre aguitado CuÅ„ado, who when asked “Hey Art what’s happening ese?” would always reply “What’s happening? What the fuck do you think is happening motherfucker, it’s a dog eat dog world and we ain’t nothing but dogs”.
    Nowadays I wonder if that sangrón brother in law of mine, with his lower lip curled down and his Don King hair, wasn’t right.
    It aint nothing but a dog eat dog world we exist in today it seems.

  2. What is there to celebrate? Listen, watch, read any media outlet: KPFK to KABC/Disney and compare living in the USA vs other parts of the world. If one is adventurous and can afford to travel, live in another country for a year and then ask yourself this question. A few quick things to compare, Blog sites & their comments, sports celebrations in public spaces, the latest Narco murder in your neighborhood, free community center art shows, Argentina Lost World Cup parties, Farce of July celebrations at Culebra Park, and, oh yeah, dissent in general. These are a few questions to contemplate.

  3. I never understood the concept of celebrating America being “better” than other countries. In essence, it’s celebrating the downfall of others. I understand it in sports, because sports are just games. When you’re talking civilizations, however, you’re talking livelihoods of masses. Not only do I not understand such celebration, I think it’s cruel.

  4. Yesterday we bbq’ed, saw the dodger stadium fireworks from the porch, talked about LA and art. We did celebrate—all acts of rebellion past and those yet to come. The homemade peach pie was good.

  5. Rob T – Celebrating the 4th of July is not about being “better” than anyone else. It’s to celebrate this country’s independance from Great Britain. Just like Cinco de Mayo is celebrated for the same reason. Do you celebrate Cico de Mayo? or Sept 16th ?
    I don’t understand why you think it’s cruel to celebrate the fact that we’re not under Brittish rule? I for one , am glad and proud to celebrate the 4th. HAPPY late 4th of JULY Eastside.

  6. I never said it was cruel to celebrate not being under British rule. I said celebrating America being better than other countries is cruel.

  7. I’m sorry. I must be missing something. Who is celebrating the fact that America is better than anybody else?

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