Westside 101: 2 Minutes on Fairfax and 3rd

With the motivating force that is the howling success of our previous 2 minute installations, we go beyond the Eastside to explore the vast worlds within LA that are as equally exciting and intriguing! Today we feature that neighborhood known as the Fairfax District, and we get right close to the heart stopping excitement that is the corner of Fairfax and 3rd! Click play to see what life is like on the action part of town!

Hmm, that seemed a bit boring. Just a bunch of speeding autos. Maybe even very boring. Did the Westside just kill the Random 2 Minutes on some stupid corner?

Stay Tuned!

7 thoughts on “Westside 101: 2 Minutes on Fairfax and 3rd

  1. There you are again Chavo, filming on the SW corner looking NE, wasn’t there a old flick called “Man Looking Northeast?”; or was it “Man Looking Southeast”?, anyway, is this just a coincidence?
    And since you were just down the street from Canter’s did you get a chance to stop in for some scrambled eggs and lox, or the Brooklyn Ave special? I dig the fact that Canter’s is open 24 hours and you can get Matzo Ball Soup at 5 am. Haven’t been there in a while so your video got me hungry.

  2. Hey I took another look at that video and it looks like your standing on the SE corner looking NW! I’m dizzy ese!

  3. How the Los Angeles Planning Department defines the Eastside, Westside and Central Los Angeles. Just click on “Neighborhood Councils” tab to see the map.
    Here’s the Link:


    Notice their definition of “East Los Angeles”.

  4. suggestions for other spots- South LA, the Valley (NoHO, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, STudio City) Venice, Brentwood, Westchester, Westlakem Koreatown and Westwood.

  5. Don Quixote, it is the southeast corner. My day job is in the noble institution on the southwest corner, the Writers Guild of America West. Unfortunately, the IT Nazi here at the Guild prevents me from watching YouTube in any form (some lame ass excuse about bandwith) I will watch when I am back in the warm embrace east of here.
    There are days that tons of tourists are deposited in front of Farmers Market so they can line up for “The Price is Right” or “American Idol” or whatever dog & pony show is shooting at CBS Television Center, and Matilda & Warren from Howsuranus, Wisconsin can provide a few moments of laughter. Then there are the hipsters who drive their Priuses into the Whole Foods parking lot while the MTA riders trek on over to Kmart and Ross. It is an interesting intersection on most days.

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