Peel Here 2010 Fotos

With approximately a thousand people coming through to Self Help Graphics, Peel Here 2010 was a gargantuan success. Peeps from all over L.A. and a few surrounding cities and states came through to get their sticker on. Stickers were traded, posted and seen in this one of a kind show, made possible by Sticky Rick, Zan, family and friends. Since I was having too much fun that night, I completely forgot to take any pictures. Course, that hardly matters since El Rafa was shooting pics the entire night. He took more than 900 pictures and uploaded more than 300 bad ass pics. So, even if you couldn’t make it out to the event, here’s your chance to see what you missed. Peel Here 2011 … brace yourself, again.

2 thoughts on “Peel Here 2010 Fotos

  1. Not to mention the amazing art exhibit (still up btw through August). Local & worldwide artists created poster size works on peel-able sheets of vinyl–wow! Much of the work is political and neo-graphic. Thanks Random for this post, and thanks Rafa for being up in everyone’s face with your camera obstructing the view—:) Most of all thanks to Sticky Rick & Zan for conceptualizing a place for these important artistic voices.

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