From the Bay to L.A. and AZ: Print Marathon at Self Help Graphics and Art

In a show of solidarity against the anti-Latino/a and immigrant sentiment in Arizona and the 30 days 30 actions campaign currently going on,  artist from here in East L.A. and the Bay area organized a 12 hour print-a-thon, silk screening more than 1,000 posters, some stickers and shirts with various designs for the July 29 action taking place in AZ against SB 1070. Joel “Rage” Garcia and Melanie Cervantes first got the ball rolling for the print marathon after discussing solidarity work with the AZ coming up. Garcia along his partner/artist FelicaMontes , musician Olmeca and Vyal have been working with artist in AZ for the last few months. Doing organizing, connecting with artist there and helping them get the resources not found in AZ. Cervantes and her partner Jesus Barraza at the same time have been working on the AZ campaign as well providing artistic resources and support with groups, orgs and individuals in AZ along with frequent partner and collaborator Favianna Rodriguez. Initially the plan was for everyone to go to AZ and do the work there, but contributing artist Ernesto Yerena warned them that the weather conditions and the AZ boycott would impede their productivity. Soon enough the conversation turned to printing here in L.A. and with the help of artist Dewey Tafoya, Self Help opened their doors to use the space and the marathon was on.

Other artist that contributed time and energy into the days action were Nico of Los Poets del Norte, Ernesto Vazquez of Solidarity Ink, John Carlos de Luna of Corazon del Pueblo, Wenceslao Quiroz and of course myself. All the posters made that day were taken to AZ that same night by Joel, Vyal and Olmeca.

~ Pics and captions by Melanie Cervantes ~

“We Will Not Comply” Photo by Diane Ovalle, Design by Jesus Barraza of Dignidad Rebelde

Defend Ethnic Studies by Joel Rage One Garcia and SJEP Tucson

518 Years of Resistance by Natalia Garcia and Leslie Lopez

Todos Somos Arizona by Nico

Brown and Proud by Melanie Cervantes, Dignidad Rebelde

La Cucaracha Sigue Caminando by Ernesto Yerena

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Si Se Puede by Melanie Cervantes, Dignidad Rebelde

Indigenous Solidarity by Chandra Narcia

Siempre En la Lucha by Ernesto Vazquez

“The Revolt of the Cockroach People” by Dewey Tafoya

7 thoughts on “From the Bay to L.A. and AZ: Print Marathon at Self Help Graphics and Art

  1. These are some sweet looking posters. It’s time our jente come up with something creative instead of relying on drawing some Che/Marcos crap.

  2. It was really great to meet you. You are super awesome. You have inspired me to grow a Xipster handlebar mustachio. I hope you keep learning to screen print and that if you are ever in the Bay that you come visit us and our studio.

  3. Those prints are amazing! They should find a space to sell them. I bet they would make a killing in support for the anti 1070 bill.

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