2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Ord

Since it was such a ringing success, with encouraging comments like the one by Oscar that said “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”, then I’m just obligated to continue my 2 random minutes of somewhere posts.

Here we find ourselves in Chinatown, on N. Broadway and Ord. Wait for the crazy action towards the end.

10 thoughts on “2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Ord

  1. Chavo, your really on to something with this concept man, and I like the background noise, the small talk and the traffic. I dig it; I think I could even do five minutes on the corner with you!
    On a related topic, the liquor store shown at 2:06 is a famous place; it was owned for many years by a Chicano family from the old Chicano Alpine St neighborhood (just up the hill a bit), my Father knew some of them very well. The liquor store used to be called “Terry’s” and when Chinatown really started to expand back in the seventies or eighties the property became quite valuable. But, when “Terry’s Liquor started selling a disproportionate shitload of winning Lotto tickets it became downright famous.
    Chinese people (and others who are believers), started lining up around the block to buy Lotto tickets, it seemed “Terry’s” (shit I hope that’s the right name it’s been so long ago!), was located at exactly the right “Feng Shui” placement and for the Chinese people it meant a good vibe and lots of luck.
    The Chicano family that owned it for decades sold to the Chinese for a small fortune.
    Now that was really good luck!
    Hmmmmm? Chavo, are you using that Chinese “Feng Shui” when filming on the street corners of LA? It just hit me that in both of your street scenes you are on the southeast corner of the street and filming looking northeast. Oh your slick man, a very slick dude indeed.

  2. Hey I got to get my own Feng Shui right! You film from the “Southwest” corner looking Northeast.

  3. Lovin the 2 random min episodes. Keep em coming! 😀

    If I’m not mistaken, that same liquor store sells a lot of interesting nudey mags. I remember walking in one time (If it is that one) when I was young and freaking out haha

  4. 1. use tripod.

    2. zzzzzzzz

    3. no mames guey. 360p? 480p? Go up to HD and then we talk. 😛

  5. I like these Chavo! may i request:
    2 minutes on the bus
    2 minutes at the Swap Meet
    2 minutes in the Cantina

    I will be submitting my own video too:
    2 minutes making of love to my wife (from beginning to end)

  6. haha..love the clip..parked at that spot around the Ord for many many years..it´s always that crazy and noisy there..what trips meout is there is always someone just waiting on the corner and as you´re about to make a left…they start walking..they do it on purpose I swear..Chales though…that´s Los Angeles, gotta love it!

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