7 thoughts on “2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Workman

  1. Great video quality! Next weekend will we be seeing 2 mins.on N.Broadway and Daly St? Yeah!! I think a weekend street blog in LH is in order 🙂

    By the way everyone looked like they were in a hurry, slow the f@%k down people!

  2. dedalus 1947, this nice video by El Chavo was taken from the SW corner of N Broadway and Workman St. which is between Griffin Ave (where the Bi Rite Mkt is) and Daly St., the camera is looking north.
    Five Points is the intersection of Daly St., Ave 26, Pasadena Ave.

  3. Next time, can you go down a couple of blocks to Broadway & Griffin? It would be interesting to see who many people go into King Taco in the span of dos minutos.

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