Renovations at the Benjamin Franklin Library

A while back I mentioned that the Benjamin Franklin Library was getting a make over. I can’t remember which blog post it was, sorry. The project to tear down the prison like gates surrounding the library and making it friendlier to the public cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. Again, details escape me at the moment, but I’m sure I mentioned them somewhere. Well, while the renovations aren’t complete, most of the work is done and I’d figure I’d post some pics up.

This is an old pic from Huizars blog about the ground breaking. Not very inviting.

All the cement and metal bars are now replaced with trees, plants and those smooth rocks.

Little feng-shui action going on here.

The renovations are greatly needed at the library, specially when you look across the street and see the police station. You can’t have a runned downed library across the street from a fancy police station. That’s just bad feng shui. And speaking of bad energy, I know that these renovations are needed, they’re only aesthetic. What matters is what’s on the inside. Which is out dated computers. I’m hoping that funds will go into updating books, creating more space  space for them, computers, regular maintenance  and most importantly, librarians to help run the library and help people. With all the city budget cuts, there won’t be anyone at there to keep the place running smoothly. So, essentially we’ll have a nice looking library that’ll be closed.

One thought on “Renovations at the Benjamin Franklin Library

  1. a couple hundred thousand for that. really? dont get me wrong it looks nice now, but thats a lot of money. give me and my cousins a couple 6 packs and we would have done it for free. we would have had that place lined with nopales, yerba buena, and guabas. so not only does it look good you could feed a family with it.

    All jokes aside it is a shame that this renovation is happening as the city is cutting back hours and reducing staff. The money would have been better spent inside the museum, but the arcane city budgeting has dedicated that the money be spent beautifying the library. Now if the could finish restoring the old masonic hall across the street, that place would be a real highlight of the community.

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