(Jesus overlooks the hills of B.C. back in 2006)

Like everyone else in Los Angeles, I was watching the Santos (it is Easter after all) vs Jaguares match on Univision, and it all started shaking. Turns out its a pretty big quake from out of Baja California, our lil’ sister state down south. A whopping 6.9 quake to be exact, according to this government site.  And they’ve even issued a Tsunami warning. Ay caray!

Aguas con las aguas.

Update: Oops, no Tsunami warning after all.

Update 4:21 pm: 5.1 earthquake in So. Cal, near Brawley.

Crazy picture from Mexicali (via LA Weekly): http://tweetphoto.com/17203656

Update 5:37pm: Check out ABC Ch. 7 for the latest twitter updates. Seriously?

Update 9:05 : KCAL 9 “We’ve been monitoring twitter all day.” Great!

Update 9:24 : CBS 2 wants you to join their Street Team and email earthquake photos/videos of splashing swimming pools. Since when are we employed by CBS?

Update 11:13pm : Univision 34 has a live call with an official from Baja California. I guess they have Spanish speakers on staff.

Update 11:16pm : Telemundo 52 has Jorge Fregoso from Mexicali talking about the situation there. I guess Ch. 52 also has Spanish speakers on staff.

Update 11:19pm : Univision 34 reading messages from their facebook page.

10 thoughts on “Terremoto

  1. Felt nothing here in Montecito Heights (although water did splash out of the pool). Hope it’s not because I was watching “American Me.” Mom wasn’t watching, and she did feel it pretty good down in Bell.

  2. The earthquake was upgraded to 7.2, it seems more likely because I felt it here in Lincoln Heights, 250 miles away!

  3. It felt like being on a boat. Haiti, Chile, & now a 7.2 in Baja California? makes you wonder if Califas will really break off in our lifetimes.

  4. I was in Victorville having lunch at a Thai restaurant and it wasn’t very strong but it kept going & going! I too felt mareado.

  5. I was at Knotts Berry Farm with my lady and boy.Of course, it would be difficult to feel an earthquake amongst the rumble of rollercoasters, so we didn’t realize there was a terremoto until they stopped all the rides and someone mentioned it.

  6. I was at TV Cafe on Alameda and felt is really swaying, thought it was a flash back, then I thought maybe bad tomatos in my veggie burrito or I had eaten too fast, was sooo hungry. I looked up and saw the lights swinging and turned to the heads behind me and asked “Esta temblando?” They all said YES.
    and then we all laughed!

  7. Did Chivas-America playing at the same time save lives like having the New York Giants play on Monday night football on 9/10/01 (hangovers)? In my town north of Chicago, drunken fans began turning on each other after Univision interrupted the broadcast with the special report about the earthquake.

  8. the pic reminds me of a story about one of my cousins when he was little — they took him to mass one morning and over the the church doors was a statue of jesus with his arms outstretched. my cousin looked up at the statue and yelled, “jump, jesus! jump!”

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