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Broadcasting out of somewhere East LA comes Radio Sombra.  Their site says:

“From the shadows comes the light!”

An independent community internet radio station that will bring a new voice to the communities in East Los Angeles.

Programming will be open and accessible to the community.
From community organizations to political artists like Zack de La Rocha, Radio Sombra will keep it real on the dial.

As a way to fund the project, Radio Sombra will  be presenting Film Nights on varied topics at Centro de Comunicación Comunitaria.

This Thursday brings :

A special screening & presentation, by film maker, Simón Sedilloa of “Xip Xop Oaxaca.”

Taken from the Radio Sombra’s  Blog:

(2009 Mexico, Oaxaca: 50 mins) Spanish w/ English Subtitles

“Xip Xop oaXaca” Hip Hop is alive and well today all over the world.. This film is just another piece of evidence that by taking back identity, territory and community, Hip Hop can be part of a movement for hood liberation. In Oaxaca, Mexico we see one more city in which young people continue to speak truth to power through Hip Hop.

Presentation by Simon Sedillo: Indigenous Strategies for Hood Liberation

This presentation identifies several specific institutions, which threaten the lives of average everyday people everywhere. From banks and corporations to non-profits and universities, to prisons, weapons and drugs; what role do these institutions and industries have in making the poor stay poor, while making the rich get richer? This presentation shows how the devaluation of traditional forms of self governance and self determination, has lead to the criminalization of entire sectors of society. Finally this demonstration shares some indigenous strategies for self determination as guides for urban community (hood) liberation.

Special Live Performance by:

For more info:




3802 E. Cesar Chavez Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90063

Boyle Heights- East Los Angeles

Just below Self Help Graphics

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  1. YESSSSSSS I met the guy, whose name I can’t remember and been wanting to work with him on getting a radio show going that I can host. I love writing, but radio is fun too. Sucks I can’t make it to the screening, but they have a nice line up of coming screenings so keep trucha.

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