Macy’s Throws it’s Sombrero into the ELA Market!

Macy’s Department store has acquired a small department store which had been struggling for many years and finally closed its doors in December of 2007. The First Street Store aka La Primera at 3640 East First Street, was the only department store in East LA for 70 years and (according to business sources) way over due for a make over.  Xavier von Dido, Regional VP of Marketing for the Macy’s stores, was quoted as saying, “I am so proud to be part of the team initiating this mega deal for the community of East LA.”

Macy's of ELA will be a beautiful contribution to the community. Architect's rendering above.

According to von Dido, Macy’s is planning a fresh array of Hispanic feeling products that will have mass appeal to the forward looking East LA consumer. “If these products go well in East LA,” von Dido said, “we will look towards a national and international saturation campaign of similar products.”
Many of the products are still being developed and a secret, but some of the clever ideas are:

Highly technical and modern looking for the busy Eastsider!

A highly technical and sleek looking "must have" set for the modern Eastsider!

Colorful pine scented buckets for work or play!

Cobbler aprons that go straight from home to work. Children sizes will be available too!

An outdoor food court in the parking lot---for the busy shopper. We're serving tacos!

“Our building will be an uplifting sight to the neighborhood, and our products will resonate with the East LA Community too,” said Xavier von Dido.  There will be luxuries galore and beautiful boutiques specializing in the community’s needs within these sanctuary doors.   Macy’s of East LA will open in the spring of 2011, with a Haute ELA couture fashion show and  a hierba buena tea party.  Sounds splenda-rific!!

2 thoughts on “Macy’s Throws it’s Sombrero into the ELA Market!

  1. hey I know the Von Dido family, they all moved to Highland Park but claim Eagle Rock and love to wear blue contacts

  2. great april fools post lol

    but i do know of one “working class” brand that is trying to update their image adding tech upgrades….it starts with a G….thats all i can say.

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