Unincorporated East LA marries three

On April 1, 2010, the entire board of supervisors for Los Angeles County witnessed a historical event at the East Los Angeles civil court: the marriage of Juana Juanes-Robinson and her two husbands, Juan Juanes and Bob Robinson. After twelve years of protest and push from community residents and supporters throughout the county, thousands of supporters for PWWMT (People Who Wanna Marry Two) waited outside of the civil courthouse for Juana and her two husbands to tie their knots.

Thirty seven more 2+1 marriage ceremonies are scheduled through the summer of 2010.

2 thoughts on “Unincorporated East LA marries three

  1. One of the only few times that the theatrical(“Dona Flor…”) becomes real. No?

  2. ooh! Sonia Braga…”the lady on the bus!” …she use to be in my adolescent spank bank!

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