Chicano Jewish School to Open in Boyle Hts.

The Breed Street Shul in Boyle Hts. has announced that they will soon begin classes for local residents to convert to Judaism. The goal is to tie Latinos to Judaism so that when Latinos have more political power they will continue America’s support for Isreal.

Ricardo Montoyiswich a recently converted Chicano Jew said, “This will help re-establish the Jewish presence in Boyle Hts. and hopefully lure Canters back to the heights!” Montoyiswich, who will be teaching several classes at the Shul, said his life has changed for the better since he made the switch. “As an actor I was having a hard time getting work, but out of no where, once I converted, I started getting all these cool gigs.”

Some of the classes that will be offered include: “Putting Down Those Whiny Santos,” “How To Leave La Virgen and still Love Your Mom,” “Circumcising The Chile: Grin and Bare It,” “Menorah and Dradle Care for Chicanos (Don’t smoke it and it’s NOT Pon),” and “How To Trace Your Distant Jewish Roots.”

Sleepy Tonatiuh, a next door neighbor to the Shul and proud Aztec dancer said, “This ain’t right. They should be teaching people about the people on this land and how this land was stolen, just like the Isreali’s stole Palestine.” He plans to protest the classes once they open by having his danza group do ceremonies during class time. When asked for a response, Montoyiswich said, “Sounds like that indio needs to see the play “Palestine New Mexico” and learn how Indians are Jewish.”

Will there ever be peace in the mid Eastside?

10 thoughts on “Chicano Jewish School to Open in Boyle Hts.

  1. So, that explains why all the cholos are wearing yarmulkes all of a sudden? I thought it was something they saw on a music video.

  2. While I know this is meant as an April Fool’s post, I think it would be an awesome project if true (minus the joke classes).
    We Chicanos could learn a lot from Jewish culture, a love of literacy, critical thinking skills and a tolerance for other cultures.At least those are some of the things I admire in my friends and from working in Jewish neighborhoods.
    Interestingly, many Chicanos might actually have a Crypto-Jewish heritage. Chicanos in places like New Mexico have been doing genealogical research on the European/Spanish part of our heritage and have discovered some of our traditions (yes, including pon) come from Jewish culture in Spain.
    As for the reference to Israel, we all know that’s an issue related to governments and states not to one particular religion. After all, halleluyas all over the Eastside support Israel too. 🙂

  3. Only on the LA Eastside Chimatli! But some Indians are Jewish, like my wife. Her Grandfather was Jewish, her maiden name is Rosen, her Grandmother was a Mojave Indian from the Colorado River Indian Reservation.
    Her Mother was a Mexican American from LA.
    The melting pot, not many places like it

  4. I can get on board with Canter’s coming back, and I can forget about las virgenes. Circumcising el chile? Chale, ese!

  5. I second chimatli’s take on it, and add a strong sense of unity and mutual communal support and aid as other things that we could all learn from and share ideas on from our respective tribal cultural forms of these social structures.

    maybe the classes could include stuff on Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, and Howard Zinn, among others?

  6. although im an atheist.

    perhaps the first class should be on the Jewish prohibitions against missionary work and conversions.

    for those who don\’t know if some one want to convert they must be sent away three times before you can accept them

  7. There are Chicanos of Jewish heritage in L.A. Well, at least one because I met one.

    I think Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante is or was Jewish. Maybe it’s not unusual?

  8. I’m new to the site and am stoked that there is a blog dedicated to our hood… smart and educational.

    -Holy crap though! My mom and I were just talking about this place not too long ago! I said how I’ve realized that I don’t ever remember seeing this place open or any people ever walking around there. Her either and she’s lived in BH for like, idk, 30 years? Although we know that Boyle Heights used to be a predominantly Jewish hood back in the day, it’s always looked so desolate….pretty abandoned. Dang, can’t wait to go home and tell her now! lol

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