Jesus in Boyle Heights

I was riding my bike home from work and I spotted the reenactment of the crucifixion at Mariachi Plaza. I took some video of the event. You can see part one here and part three here. All I can say is that people are “passionate” about Jesus. I’d hate to see what would happen if they saw the Devil protesting at this event ?

6 thoughts on “Jesus in Boyle Heights

  1. Good yet short read…
    The people of Boyle Heights are no doubt passionate about almost everything..

    I was at El Mercadito yesterday afternoon and the crowd was all into the spirit of things…I wonder what would of happened if I had worn the “Jesus is my homeboy” tee shirt.

  2. I find that many people on the Eastside can be passionate about Jesus but most don’t have any critical understanding of Christianity, its history, or what all the metaphors mean. All of the mythology is swallowed whole. I went to Catholic school almost my whole life and I know a lot about the Bible & this Jesus person. Likewise I read much Nietzsche in High School to counter the Catholic programme.

    I think the story of the “Passion” of Jesus has a lot of blood lust (which is replete in Judeo-Christianity) as well as bringing a feeling of hope. But like with Obama, it’s a false hope that eventually shows its true colors. Nonetheless, I find Catholic imagery the most fascinating with its straight-faced contradictions and absurdities. Definitely my favorite of all the Christian denominations. And as Nietzsche so eloquently said, “The last Christian died on the cross.”

  3. Hulio–dig deeper, you’ll find a Jesus-like story in Greek mythology—which was also part of the cult of popularity. No doubt, humans need to have our rituals and mitos.

    Random—ah, I see that I caught you taping this segment on Saturday. I figured that’s what you were doing as you peddled away quickly with a devilish smile on your face (lol). Hopefully, the mariachi plaza doesn’t turn into the neo-Christian center of BH—-that would be horrible. Working on first street the month of March (across from Victory Outreach) had its challenges. I was there for art, not philosophy wars. Incredible how those that approached me had no reference to world issues. They were breaking down my patience, though. Not sure why my path had to cross theirs—maybe I needed a refresher on on how many ways fanatics can be irritating. What ever happen to walking down the middle of the road?

  4. I love fanatics and bible thumpers, but they must have marked my house and dont visit me anymore. Maybe its cuz last time they sent a young woman to my door and I told her if she liked reading so much that there were many many many more books to read to learn and grow from. She got excited to hear that, but not her parents who were within earshot.

    The last Koreans for Jesus to approach me at CSUN got an earful about what did he think his ancestors were thinking of him selling me a religion that came to both our lands on a boat. He left crying.

  5. Instead we sacrifice everyone and the planet for oil and money. Thank heaven indeed.

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