Boyle Heights Paranormal Project’s Meet and Greet

Boyle Heights Paranormal Project at Linda Vista Hospital

As I mentioned previously, I was too chicken to attend BHPP’s meet and greet/website launch party at the creepy Linda Vista Hospital but a LA Eastside reader attended and gave this review:

“The meet and greet was really interesting and informative. From the big crowd outside to the standing room only inside… One could feel the chills just being in line outside…Once inside you sure felt this creepy feeling alright. They held their main event inside the chapel of the hospital. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people sat in there with their health fears at hand.
It was pretty overwhelming for me. You got a few jerks in line of course cracking jokes..They quickly shut the hell up once they made their way in. I was pretty mad at myself for not bringing my camera. Also for wearing heels…So not recommended by the way. Never the less the fact that I was actually inside Linda Vista made it all worthwhile. There’s some pretty cool pics on BHPP’s Facebook page.
From the music, they played (Ink Spots) to the BHPP cookies they made to the wannabe meds (mints) they served, all was well thought out.
As I walked down the hallways, I peeked through the lonely rooms and noticed an old school baby incubator. Boy I’ll tell ya, that was an intense moment for me. But if I were to be asked to go back, I sure would. Don’t know why…but I would.”
-Pistol Pack’n Momma

BHPP’s pics from the event

Boyle Heights Paranormal Project has been getting some good press lately including features on KNBC TV and KPCC. Hope it inspires them to investigate more places on the Eastside!

6 thoughts on “Boyle Heights Paranormal Project’s Meet and Greet

  1. The last time I was at the Linda Vista Hospital was to donate blood right before it closed down. It was creepy then with the bare bones staff that was still working there.

  2. I’m not big on the whole paranormal things, but i would have been down to take a tour of that place.

  3. I agree that there ain’t no ghosts or phantoms, but that woman on the link to the YouTube video sure got some creepy looking eyes!

  4. I went and it was cool.
    There was a great presentation on the history of Boyle Hts that should be recorded and put up on Youtube or somewhere.
    I do wonder why they call themselves BHPP but are about going to places far from here to look for ghosts when it seems they have only scratched the surface of the paranormal in this area.

  5. Old Alton Bridge Ghost

    This bridge is known locally as Goatman’s Bridge.

    Check out this video about a Texas Ghost Legend!

    A rash of mysterious disappearances are becoming alarmingly routine on a chilling stretch of road that is known by locals as

    “Goatman’s bridge.”


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