Those people don’t value human life like we do


Mexican American woman with her dead baby in Los Angeles 1950. This photo from the Los Angeles Public Library photo collection speaks volumes about not only a grieving mother but also about our shared humanity and a repudiation of racism and stereotyping of any ethnic or racial group as being inherently violent and immoral, as is becoming so common with xenophobes and racists in the press and on the internet blog sites, even evident here sometimes at “LA Eastside”.

This racist demonization of a people seems especially popular nowadays as the terrible Narco Wars continue unabated in Mexico and innocent people are not only being murdered and traumatized, but to top it off castigated as genetically amoral and prone to violence and depravity.

Hopefully some day, the corruption and violence visited on the Mexican people by the wealthy ruling classes, Drug cartels, arms dealers, and avaricious police and military personnel, who all worship at the altar of the almighty dollar, will end.

4 thoughts on “Those people don’t value human life like we do

  1. Did your write this in response to something?

    But aside from that love the photo. This style of photography is very traditional in Mexican funerals… good book to read about this is A History of Photography in Mexico By Olivier Debroise

  2. sorry my bad thought “This racist demonization blah blah violence and depravity.” were your words…… but yea going back to the picture that is a traditional form of funeral photo portrait. The style dates back to the the 1870’s when cameras were becoming more common available to the general public.

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