To Love & Die in East L.A.


I have been in artiste/producer-mode recently. I’m so excited about our 2nd Annual La Botanica de Amor luv-fest for Valentines Day!! Since this is just one of Leslie Saiz’ and my brilliant ideas, making its second return—we R so proud. Last year an exclamation point became “alive”—as El Random Hero proclaimed “I want to find love!” Pachuco 3000, Abel Salas and I devised a whole male date auction with prizes. It was fun, funny and fundraising for the arts—YAY–I luv it!! read more Last time we did it (La Botanica, that is) the custodian (caught up in the excitement) jumped on the auction block and was bought for a home repair visit (ahem). Pachuco says it’s because he has the gift of salesmanship—(everyone, rub his head for luck.). This year Random is behind the scenes, scoring some delicious dinners-4-dos prizes; Pachuco is lining up the prime bachelorhood (because he says, “They gotta be chulos!”); and I am firing up my tarot cards for some ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ live love advice. To Love & Die in ELA, curated by Leslie Gutierrez Saiz opens too—why?–because only the artists on the eastside can break-it-down about our crazy-love lives verbally & visually (refer to image above)—it’s a Bonnie & Clyde thang, don’t ya know? Cheyenne is baking cup cakes and (ladies!) muralist Raul Baltazar (one of the bachelors-to-be-auctioned) is getting mas chulo every minute. More poetry, more music, more sweet treats, more art, more limpias para el amor, more love advice, more chances to find your ‘otro”, mas de todo! February, 13, noon to 5pm @ SHG, 3802 Cesar Chavez Avenue, ELA AND grab lunch there with Comida y Cultura!

11 thoughts on “To Love & Die in East L.A.

  1. While I am excited for this show and auction sale, which I will not be part of, all I gotta say is FUCK LOVE. If it had an eye I would stab it. Kick it. Punch it. Stab it again and leave it for dead. Then I would throw it under a bus and let it fester and rot in the sewer. Love. Pffft

  2. Victoria… this is our 3rd Botanica. They’re so much fun, its all a blur.

    Random…. hah… your Fuck love attitude better be there!

  3. Yeh, Random—what Les said…..and those dinner prizes better be chulos too! Really tho—I luv you, brother. Did I soften your heart??

  4. That’s the beauty of it, Cindy—ya never know what will happen–who/what will jump up on the block–who will buy and who will “super-size” it. Its just a starting point, but there are no restrictions and anything goes. Don’t be reactionary, come feel the luv, in person!

  5. Our Valentine artisans have created special gifts for your sweethearts, or sweethearts to be!

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